DESTE Project Room Call For Proposals


During the last years we have witnessed a unique energy in the Greek art community. Groups of artists, curators, theorists presented their desire for an open-ended engagement and involvement with art and other forms of contemporary creativity.

This pro-active involvement resulted in an unprecedented number of independent, low-to-no-cost projects that are characterized by multidisciplinary approaches, including: visual arts, performing arts, architecture, new media, electronic music, film and small, self-supported publications. Their ambition to engage and blend a variety of cultural expressions along with a synchronized combination of forces between production, exhibition and distribution, highlight an accelerated energy within the Greek art scene.

While remaining true to its primary aspirations and exhibition policy, DESTE aims to act as a host to innovative expressions and emergent cultural realities and operate as an open space for the redefinition of the current Greek art condition. DESTE intends to support and facilitate this creative process in an attempt to participate in the continuous renegotiation of the ever-changing contemporary art and culture landscape.


  1. Proposals for the year 2006 should be submitted by Friday 16th June 2006 to The DESTE Foundation, marked as “Deste Project Room”.
  2. The proposal package should include:
    • Project proposal, concept description, participants
    • Accompanying material (CVs, portfolios, videos, DVDs and any other additional material that the applicants consider important and helpful)
  3. The DESTE Foundation will:
    • Host the exhibition in its Yellow Project Room (approx. 250m2 )
    • Offer administrative support
    • Provide technical equipment (projectors, DVDs etc) that is
      available in-house
    • Cover costs up to 15.000€ for the successful proposal which
      include among others: fees, production, installation,
      transportation, and/or any other expenses
      e. Pay 5.000€ for a publication of the project. The publication
      should be approved by DESTE and include the Foundation&8217;s logo
  4. It is expected that applicants are willing to work in close professional and administrative cooperation with the Foundation&8217;s staff.
  5. The DESTE Foundation will consider all proposed exhibitions and
    projects. The submitted proposals will be reviewed by The Deste Foundation in collaboration with Deitch Projects (NY) and The Wrong Gallery (NY) and the selection will be made before August 2006.
  6. The intention is to realize the exhibition in the fall.
  7. Deste will reply individually to each applicant.

Your proposal and accompanying material, marked as “Deste Project Room”, should be submitted to:

The DESTE Foundation
11 Filellinon & Em.Pappa street
Nea Ionia, 142 34
Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 27 58 490
Fax: +30 210 27 54 862

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