CYNETart festival

Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V

Call for entries for the CYNETart award 2006 international competition for computer-based art.

CYNETart has been showing new trends of cultural developments in the media arts since 1997. The consequences of the prevailing progress of civilisation and the introduction of new information technologies in all fields of social life lead to the disembodiment of perception triggering the examination of a new sensitivity for physical experience and for the perception of one&8217;s own body.

The international festival focuses on the changed perception of the body caused by new information technologies. At this, the performance of the new technologie is less important, it is rather about their cultural potential for mediation. This applies f.i. to linkages between existential questions of humankind and their perception.

It also applies to a more sensual approach to scientific methods of research and the interconnections between the arts.

CYNETart_06humane is devoted to the theme of Body-images – Image-body :: the bred, contstructed, staged, cultivated, homemade and self-designed human being.

Categories realtime processing dance and technology :: choreography :: stage design :: performance :: installations :: virtual environments :: computer games

The submitted project focuses on the integrated body and its medial “embodiment” in dance pieces, installations, computer games or performances. The transposition is using suitable interfaces and software (f.i. camera motion sensing-systems), which allow for the realtime linkage of physical movement with auditory/visual processes.

new cultures net culture platforms :: concepts :: social movements based on new technologies

You may submit strategies or blueprints which understand the net as extended social interaction/cooperation; utopian drafts of societies with the inherent attempt to include them into active social life. How is technological and intellectual knowledge applied to the practice of an electronic culture of awareness?

audio processing, visual processing sound design :: Netzmusik :: audio-visual compositions :: vj-performances Digital processing, alteration, linkage or process generation are topical parts of the work.

You may submit sound compositions, audio-visual compositions, performance applications (f.i. in the field of vj-ing), or applications with an open structure.

graphics, animation, net art screen interaction :: graphics :: animations :: software art :: generative tools :: net art

Your work focuses on the presentation on a monitor or a screen. The category subsumes alternative streams of narration such as graphics, video pieces and DVD productions from the fields of internet, design and film, and also software tools which go beyond the daily use of standard menu applications. Transcategorial projects are welcome and can be submitted. However, please choose a category according to the main focus of the project.

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