commercial for a concept

“commercial for a concept”, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Cologne, Germany.

commercial for a concept

Based on the consideration that not only products – but also concepts and ideas need publicity, this project is about producing “commercials for a concept”. What is a concept? Let’s answer with an example: “I suggest: Friesenpool” is a commercial that promotes the building of an open-air public pool, instead of another office building in the city center. The idea was to improve the quality of life and to create a new symbol for the urban center. A concept is everything but a product I guess. But this is not really true. Publicity for a product that doesn’t exist is a “commercial for a concept” as well. We feel a need for new concepts and ideas regarding our public and personal lives. Let’s promote them!

to people

Do you know anything that should be promoted? Like an inventive product that should be produced, a better way to organize society, some details in life that easily can be changed but nobody does? There are always inventions coming into our minds. In general, we let them go because we have other things to do. Not this time! And if you are a professional who created an idea, concept or inventive product that should be promoted – even better! “commercial for a concept” is about promoting what turns things upside down. Write a few lines about your idea or concept. An image or drawing might improve the presentation. The submitted ideas and concepts are published on the “” website. All the copyrights of the idea (if any) stay with you. We would just like to promote it. Video directors choose an idea and produce a commercial for it. The resulting series of commercials will be shown under the title “ideas for europe” at the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007 and at other venues. They will be published on DVD by “Raum fuer Projektion”.

to directors

We would be really glad if you are interested in producing a “commercial for a concept”. Just go to choose a concept (or/and submit one yourself), and produce a commercial for it. Of course you will participate in the returns of the DVD, or of subsequent screenings or broadcasting on TV. Please get in touch with us before starting… We consider “commercials” as a visually-advanced short film format that can be used to promote concepts.

Ursula Böckler & Georg Graw, Tel. +49(0)221-124100, mail:

deadline for finished clips
30th of March 2007 (premiere is scheduled on the 4th of May)

Please send a file (DV PAL or DV NTSC, Quicktime or AVI, Sound: 48khz /16bit) on DVD-R or CD-R or a Mini-DV tape (PAL only). Please DON’T send a video-dvd or mp2 files.

Michael Heydebreck, Auenweg 173, Gebaeude 9, D-51063 Cologne, Germany.


“commercial for a concept” is a project by Graw Böckler. “ideas for europe” is commissioned by the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007. Produced with a grant from the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. Graw Böckler are video directors specialized in the short format. They run “Raum fuer Projektion” – an independent DVD-Label and temporary projection space based in Cologne / Germany.


We are very interested in ideas, concepts & commercials from people whose work we don’t know. Please understand that we can not guarantee participation in the project. Let us know if you have further questions.

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