Ceramics Biennale 2015 - Andenne, Belgium


The Biennial of Ceramics in Andenne is no accident of history, but a desire to perpetuate an action related to the history of ceramics in the city.

Duration of the event

The 14th Biennial of Ceramics Andenne will be held on 24 and 25 May 2015. The exhibitions of contemporary ceramics will be extended until 7 June 2015.

The Ceramists market will run on May 24 & 25, 2015.

Eligible applications

There is no restrictions of nationality or age to participate .

The main medium must be ceramic.

Applications delivered by individual artists are welcome. Groups of artists are not accepted ; an artist belonging to a group may, however, submit a file individually.

The artist must specify whether he wishes to participate to the Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics , the thematic exhibition of contemporary ceramic, or the ceramists market .

Each artist can apply only once for the same exhibition.

If the artist wishes to apply for more than one exhibition, he have to submit a file for each one, specify for which exhibition the file is submitted for and join the specific related documents (pictures).

Details on submissions for the Contemporary Exhibition and for the Ceramists Market

Applications must be submitted electronically (e mail ) or on digital media (such as CD ROM) or by the online form. The file can also be submitted on paper but the pictures of the works printed on paper are not accepted .

Any media (projection , soundtrack, etc. . ) accompanying the works must be mentioned in the file .

The artist must ensure that the works can be packed , moved or transported.

There is no participation fee for the exhibition of contemporary ceramics. The participation fee for the ceramic market is 135 € .

For the Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics, four works (max) may be presented during the exhibition.

For the Cermaists market, there no limitation of exhibited works. This is left to the good sense of the participant.

Important information : during the exhibitions of contemporary ceramics, works can be sold with a 30% commission for the organizer. At the Market, once the registration fee paid, the sales profit returns fully to ceramists.

A Jury will reward some artists participating the exhibition of contemporary ceramics and also to Ceramists market.

Details on submissions for the Thematic Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics

A new section is open into the exhibition of contemporary ceramics. The Biennale is calling for proposals for an exhibition of works created specifically for the 2015 edition .

The theme of this year is “FRONTIER”. For further details see this page.

By artists, it is understood artists developing a contemporary approach using ceramics, regardless of age or nationality.

The submitted works may be part of a new project or an existing process, but the works that have been exposed before are not accepted. Only original works, with ceramics as primary medium, are accepted.

The artist must propose between 2 and 4 works or one installation. If the artist proposes an installation, this one should be able to be shown indoor or outdoor.

The file must contain drawings, plan drawings or pictures of the project, and contain complete information on the technical specifications of the work as well as the statement of intent explaining the link with the given theme (use the attached inscription form) .

Important information : there is no participation fee for this exhibition, but during the exhibitions of contemporary ceramics, works can be sold with a 30% commission for the organizer.

A Jury will reward some artists participating to the exhibition.

Contents of the application

Whatever the exhibition you wish to participate to, your application file must contain the following documents. We draw your attention to the fact that incomplete applications will unfortunatly not be considered by the Jury.

  • The application form completed with all requested informations. If you want to send your application by e- mail, mail or on a CD -ROM, please use this application form : WORD version | PDF version
  • Your C.V. or biography.
  • A document setting out your general work philisophy.
  • 4 digital photos free of copyright (in high resolution 300 dpi / TIFF or JPG / min . 1.5 MB). The works should be photographed on neutral backgrounds (black, grey, white).

Any participation is subject to acceptance of the General Rule. Download the BCA 2015 – General Rule

Sending of the file

Using our website and the online form. You can submit your entire file through this form : Go to the page.

By e-mail at the address inscription@biennaledelaceramique.be or by other electronic ways such as the free online transfer service WeTransfer ( go on www.wetransfer.com )

By Postal mail, on a CD- ROM or other digital media to send to the address : Cultural Center Andenne, BCA 2015 – Rue Malevé 5 – 5300 Andenne – Belgium


  • Nov 1st, 2013 > June 30th, 2014 : application call
  • Second week of July 2014 : selection of participants by the Jury on the basis of the files
  • End of July 2014 : communication of decisions to candidates
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