CAFKA.09: Veracity


In this uncertain environment, could it be that our ability to evaluate truth is compromised? How will history be recorded and communicated to future generations? What if the asterisks were missing?

Artistic practice, from realism to minimalism, has an inherently illusory nature; artists frequently use their craft to expose untruths, and just as frequently perpetrate them. For Veracity, CAFKA asks artists to consider the veracity of truth, whether that be through the handling of materials, thematic or conceptual concerns of their practice. Artists may wish to consider the scientific, artistic, political, religious, historical, or experimental implications of an uncertain truth through the veracity of materials and ideas.

We invite proposals for new or existing works that engage with the theme and the public spaces in and around Kitchener City Hall. Works in all media will be considered including sculpture, performance, video, audio, installation, photography, painting, drawing and digital media. Video artists are invited to submit single channel work relating to the theme to be considered for inclusion in a video compilation which will be screened during the Forum.

CAFKA takes art out of the confines of the gallery walls and places it in a civic space to engage and confront the broader public. We offer the public an opportunity to engage with internationally relevant, ambitious, contemporary art. Artists have the opportunity to create work that needn&8217;t adhere to the rules of presenting art within the gallery/museum system.

The exhibition will take place in and around Kitchener City Hall in September, 2009. Artist Fees paid for Visual and Media Art Projects: CAD $2,000, which is intended to cover all aspects of production & installation including materials and transportation. Video and one-time Performance fees paid in accordance with CARFAC (Canadian Artists&8217; Representation/le Front des Artistes Canadiens).

All applications must be received by 5:00 pm, July 1, 2008.

Event place: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Event dates: 2008


P.O. Box
1122 Kitchener ON
N2G 4G1 Canada
phone: 519.744.5123

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