Born Digital Competition

The Institute for the Future of the Book announced their first in a series of competitions that will address the conceptual, compositional, and structural issues of digital expression. They are seeking innovative ideas that demonstrate the potential of a born digital artifact.

Born Digital 1: Illumination, is inspired by the close relationship between text and image represented in the tradition of the illuminated manuscript.

Submit a single illustrated page that exploits the unique possibilities of the digital medium while preserving the relationship between text and image. Explore the notion of a "video snapshot." Animate an image or a text. Create an interactive or networked illumination that responds to the reader, connects readers to one another, links to other elements within a text, or changes in response to outside sources such as the Internet.

Guidelines for Submission:
  • Submit a single page of illustrated/illuminated text. If the page exists within a website, a book, or a document, indicate which page you would like them to consider.
  • Include a title, caption, or figure heading for the illustrated page.
  • In a separate text document or in the space provided on the entry form, give a brief description of your project (no more than 250 words). Explain how the project uses the digital medium to "illuminate" its subject matter.

Grand Prize $1,000
2 Honorable Mentions $500

With the creator's permission, winning entries will be featured on thei web site and will become part of a critical dialogue hosted by the Institute for the Future of the Book.
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