BIP - Building Interactive Playgrounds

2nd edition – Elettrowave, July 14-16 2006 – Arezzo/Italy

We are currently accepting applications to participate in the second edition of BIP, an International Competition for interaction design projects for public events.

BIP will happen during Elettrowave, a three day festival of electronic music.
Elettrowave is part of Arezzowave ( ), the biggest free music festival in Italy.


If you want to play with space and time and people, if you like crossing barriers and probing around in extreme situations, if you fiddle around with the idea the space can be programmed, if you eat social patterns for your breakfast, if you are not scared by a drunk young audience, if you keep telling your friends that environments are not passive wrappings but active processes, if your perceptions keep shifting, if your projects are about interplay, exploration and humor, if tinkering with technology is your obsession…
..then… this call for works is your unique chance to experiment with interaction design within the context of an electronic music festival. Nightlife, extreme characters, clubbing freaks, a young, unrespectuful and challenging audience. You know what we are talking about, don&8217;t you?

We are looking for projects. Not vague ideas. Real projects that can substantially and meaningfully enrich the Elettrowave event and strengthen involvement. Clubbing is the context, not the object, of BIP.
We&8217;re looking for something innovative, passionate and fresh that can make a difference.
Interactive installations, environments, sound and/or visual projects, etc.
If your project is at an early stage we will consider it only if you can prove you’ll be able to produce it within the festival deadline. We may offer production assistance if we fall in love with your project proposal.
Please keep in mind that the projects should be able to stand 3 nights of extremely intense use, in a venue with thousands of people. Please consider production feasibility and all possible setup constraints.


Participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to (interaction) designers, artists, researchers, architects, students. Participation is free.


All project proposals must be postmarked by March 10th, 2006.
Late entries will not be accepted. By submitting a project, the applicant warrants that it is his/her original design.


In March 2006, a panel of jurors will select up to 3 projects.
Winners will be announced during a workshop/event in April. The event will be hosted by Università di Siena, Italy.


Selected projects will be installed for the three nights of Elettrowave 2006. This is a precious opportunity to test your interactive projects in the context of an electronic music festival.
The projects will benefit from a total budget of 10.000 euros offered by BIP. The budget will be divided between the selected projects according to production, transportation and setup costs. BIP will consider supporting production costs of new projects that are being presented to the public for the first time.
Commonly used technology (videoprojectors, screens, audio systems, monitors, mixers, etc.) will be available to the selected projects if required.


Only one project may be submitted per entrant. Teams register with one name only.


The submission form is available for download at
Please fill out all the information required in the form. Send your submission to:
c/o Mail Boxes Etc.
Box 294, Via Boucheron 16
10122 – Torino – Italy
Submissions which do not conform to the rules will be rejected without any notice. There is no legal recourse against this decision.
Submitted material will become part of the festival archives and will not be returned.


Any moral and paternity right regarding the project sent in for application is designer&8217;s property.
By participating, you grant BIP the right to edit, publish, promote and otherwise use the entry without further permission, notice or compensation. Credit information may need to be condensed or edited for space.
BIP assumes that all entries are original and are the work and property of the entrant, with all rights granted there-in. BIP is not liable for violations of any third party rights, including, but not limited to, claims of copyright, trademark, patent infringment. BIP assumes that all images provided with entries are free of any third-party rights. BIP will include photographer credits if that information is provided along with the images.


Send inquiries to with "BIP – Call for Works" as the subject line.


BIP is promoted by FAWI (Fondazione Arezzowave Italia) and ARSNOVA.
BIP is realized in partnership with the Università di Siena
The BIP project is managed by TODO interaction design studio ( )

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