Best Art Practices competition

International Award for young curators

First edition theme: projects in non-conventional spaces

Curated by Denis Isaia

The Award

The Italian Cultural Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol, next host of the European Biennal Manifesta, is announcing the first edition of the international competition Best Art Practices – International award for young curators. Best Art Practices will assign prizes to the best curator practices of contemporary art of the last five years. The theme of the first edition will focus on projects in non-conventional spaces.

The Award accepts only projects that have been completed in the last five years and therefore inaugurated after 1 March 2002. Itinerant events or events taking place over a period of time will be accepted as long as all the phases are concluded by 1 March 2007. The Award is open to all curators of all nationalities born on or after 2 March 1967.
Entries must arrive by 12 midday of Monday 3rd September 2007 by post, courier or hand delivery at the Award secretary’s office. The postmark will not be considered as proof for the date of arrival of the entry and data sent by email or other means of transmission different from those indicated above will not be accepted.

First prize: €10,000
Second prize: €3,000
Third prize: €2,000

Languages accepted
The data may be sent in Italian, German, English or Spanish.

Composition of the Jury
The international Jury is composed of a Jury President and five commissioners.

President: Carlos Basualdo, curator – Philadelphia Museum of Art;
Commissioner: Marion Piffer Da miani, independent curator;
Commissioner: Letizia Ragaglia curator – Museion Bolzano;

The names of the three remaining members will be made known by notification on the website of the Award. The organization reserves the right to select them from a list of names given by thirty young curators. We have asked 30 young curators from different areas to indicate from 1 to 3 names for 3 of the 6 members of the jury. Here below you will find the list of curators who have replied to our invitation and also a list of persons they indicated as possible members of jury for the Award.

Arlandis y Marroquí (Valencia), Christopher Atkins (Minneapolis), Gordana Bezanov (Florence), Gyonata Bonvicini (London), Felipe Chaimovich (Sao Paolo), Anna Colin (London), Ellen De Watcher (London), Rifky Effendy (Jakarta), Power Ekroth (Stockholm), Erin Elder (San Francisco), Janna Graham (London), Eva Grinstein (Buenos Aires), Pablo Helguera (New York), Marco Izzolino (Naples), Catalina Lozano (Paris), Sergio Mah (Lisbon), Francesco Manacorda (London), Sachiko Namba (Tokyo), Cristina Natalicchio (Trento), Ana Navarrete (Madrid), Emanuela Nobile Mino (Rome), Kaori Otake (Tokyo), Pavlina Paraskevaidou (Nicosia), Catharine Patha (London), Iolanda Pensa (Milano), Natasa Petresin (Lubliana), Paolo Plotegher (London), Tadej Pogacar (Lubliana), Michele Robecchi (London), Katharina Schlieben (Zurig), Pelin Tan (Istanbul), Elvira Vannini (Bologna), Virginia Villaplana (Valencia), Florian Wüst (Berlin), Nathalie Zonnenberg (Amsterdam), Unwetter (Berlin).

Mai Abu ElDahab,Cecilia Aldarondo,Cecilia Andersson,Alessio Antoniolli,Xavier Arakistáin,Irma Arestizàbal,B+B,Zdenka Badovinac,Meta Bauer,Sergio Bessa,Camilla Boemio,Will Bradley,Adam Carr,Maurizio Cattelan,Germano Celant,Jan Christensen,d.a.e. (Donostiako Arte Ekinbideak),Catherine David,Ellen De Wachter,Giacinto di Pietrantonio,Beate Engl,Alex Farguharson,Milovan Farronato,Elena Filipovic,Kate Fowle,Anselm Franke,Amirali Gha semi,Massimiliano Gioni,Luigi Giovinazzo,Janna Graham,Valeria Graziano,Carles Guerra,Gustaff Harriman Iskandar,Yuko Hasegawa,Hou Hanru,Emma Hedditch,Yedessa Hendeles,Beatriz Herráez,Jens Hoffman,María Inñes Rodiguez,Agung Jenong,Yukie Kamiya,Abdellah Karroum,Mami Kataoka,Edelbert Köb,Vasif Kortun,Ulrike Kremeier,Marta Kuzma,Salvatore Lacagnina,Tanja Lazetic,María Li nd,Dora Longo Bahia,Mario Lupano,Leif Magne Tangen,Astrid Mania,Bartomeu Mari,Chus Martínez,Michy Marxuach,Ali McGilp,Fran cis McKee,Cuauhtémoc Medina,Tihomir Milovac,Cassandra Needham,Emanuela Nobile Mino,Hans Ulrich Obrist,Eriko Osaka,Adriano Pedr osa,Virginia Pérez Ratón,Diego Perrone,Emily Pethick,Norber t Pfaffenbichler,Antonio Pinto Ribeiro,Ted Purves,Sebastian Ramirez,Gabriela Rangel,Pipillotti Rist,Irit Rogoff,Montse Romaní,Beatrix Ruff,Ralph Rugoff,Itala Schmelz,Marco Scotini,Cylena Simonds,Sandra Solimano,Aminudin T.H. Siregar ! Magda Tyzilk-Carver,Leire Vergara,Jan Verwoert,Anton Vidokle,Andrea Villani,Benjamin Weil,What, How & For Whom/WHW,Matthew Williams,Paul Wombel,Marianne Zamezcnik,Paolo Zani,Tirdad Zolghadr

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