ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival

The fifth ANTI festival will take place in Kuopio from September 28th to October 1st 2006. ANTI is a forum for experimental, radical and non-commercial art. It offers an international and visible possibility to bring forward performances and ways of expression that are not considered mainstream art. The emphasis of ANTI festival is on environmental art, light, sound, installation, live art and performances.


ANTI seeks to activate 12 previously selected sites/environments with the help of pieces of art. The pieces can take place directly in the proposed place or conceptually in or outdoors.

It is essential for the proposals to take into consideration the audience and customers that are already present at each location. Site-specificity is an extremely important factor when it comes to assessing and selecting momentary performances as well as sculptural works. In addition to the physical place the idea of the work can deal with the notion of space through people who work in that particular place or the values, actions or contemporary events that the place represents. The piece may also somehow combine various locations and themes. The artist(s) choose(s) a location for his/her/their piece from the ones proposed.


The proposals must include the name of the artist, contact details and a CV, working title of the work, place, budget, technical requirements and a working plan (max. 1 page) and only one appendix (i.e. photograph, video, CD-ROM). Appendices will not be returned. It is not necessary that the proposal is technically ready before submission as the idea can be developed afterwards. However, it is important that the main idea of the work and the estimated costs are clearly stated in the proposal. Estimated costs should include all the necessary materials, travelling costs and performing fee. Other possible sources of financing such as bursaries should also be stated in the proposal. Photos and introductory texts of the sites are available at SITES.

Artists and students from all artistic fields as well as designers are encouraged to submit their new ideas and works of art.

The sites of the ANTI 2006 festival are the town hall, the cinema Maxim, a youth centre, the balcony of Carlson department store, a hotel room in the Hotel Puijonsarvi, the observatory, the airport, Väinölänniemi tennis court, an empty building ground, Huoneistokeskus estate agency, Savonia polytechnic and Kuopio office of Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland).

The applications deadline is the 20th of February 2006. Please post your application to:
ANTI Contemporary Art Festival ry,
Kuninkaankatu 15,
70100, Finland or e-mail

Please note that the appendix (if one is necessary) should be sent by post.

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