Annual Backup_festival 9

The 9th Annual Backup_festival will take place from 18 – 21 October 2007 in Weimar, Germany.

This year, once again, we are looking for young film makers and media creatives interested in submitting work for the international category of the backup.award and who would like the chance to win an award from the 3750 Euros worth of prizes we have on offer.

Backup is interested in film works that reflect and re-define the limits of short film and video and which explore creatively different methods and styles of production. In particular this year the festival is focused on the hybridisation of visual communication methods and on works which seek to break down traditional practices of narrative structure, production and distribution.

In acknowledgement that many works submitted will cross-over numerous traditional category guide-lines in their content, The Backup_Festival pre-selection committee will sort entries according to their content and form. Works will then be put into competition blocks that reflect their character. This frees film makers from needing to adhear to strict self-categorization of their creative output.

Prizes for the best entries will be awarded by an independent jury of filmmakers, TV executives, producers, designers and media theorists.

The call for entries will be announced at international academies of film and art, universities, polytechnics, Film and Media Agencies, Film Clubs and centres of learning and culture.

To qualify for entry into the competition, all works must be submitted in a common video format, must have been completed after the 1st of January 2006 and must be no longer than 15 min. in length.

The deadline for entries is the 31st of July 2007

All entries must be submitted by the 31st of July 2007 and must include a DVD of the work/s, film stills, a dialogue list, a synopsis, a filmography and a biography of the film maker.

c/o Bauhaus-Universit├Ąt Weimar
Fakult├Ąt Medien
Bauhausstrasse 11
99423 Weimar

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