Alternative Film/Video

17th Festival of New Film and Video

Innovative experimental, exploratory, avant-garde, personal movies and works of young artists, and works by affirmed artists will be presented in two competitive selections:

The International selection and Regional (ex-Yugoslavia) selection at the 17th Festival of New Film and Video – Alternative Film/Video (established in 1982).

As place of meeting for authors, theorists, critics and the audience, the Festival’s goal is to record and theoretically define movements, promote the right values and support new creative possibilities in visual media.

Through the competitive programs, author selections and retrospectives, selection of production centers and festivals, introducing new regional initiatives, audio-visual performances, video installations, exhibitions, panels and discussions, the Festival provides a glimpse of the current state of new film and video in the region and the world.

This year there will be more than 100 films in both selections, from more than 400 received each year. More than 30 authors will be accommodated in student housing during the festival.

Alternative film/video is international Festival of alternative film and video. All authors of alternative film and video have the right to participate. The founder and the organizer of the festival is Academic Film Center in Students’ City Cultural Center.


The award to the authors of the films and videos selected to the List of significant achievements is the program of production of new film or video in Academic Film Center of SCCC, with the ability of the use of all technical and logistic support of AFC, accommodation and restaurant service in Students’ City in Belgrade for a month of the following year.

The Jury of the Festival consists of the theorists and authors of alternative film and video. The Jury establishes the List of the significant achievements of the Festival, which can consist of ten, works most. The Jury considers films and videos equally. The Jury works during the Festival Selection committee, according to the Festival regulations, the overseas selection of films and videos for competition and other programs.

The publication ALTERNATIVE 2010 will contain photos, texts, information on films and videos provided by authors, also the talks, presentations and texts submitted after the Festival.

ALTERNATIVE FILM archive keeps films and videos, and all the documentation of the Festival. Participating on the Festival, author accepts that his work is archived and used in research work in the Archive presentations of the Festival and non commercial screenings in Alternative cinema of SCCC. Author accepts that DVD, mini DV or mini DV CAM stays in the Archive. Author accepts that an insert from his film or video, can be broadcasted in Festival presentation in media.

Screening formats: DVD, mini DVCAM, mini DV.

Please send the photos and additional information to the e-mail address below.

Films and videos must be send to the postal address below.

Students’ City Cultural Center
Alternative Film Video 2010
Bulevar Zorana Djindjića 179
11 070 Novi Beograd

phone: +381 11 2691 442
fax: +381 11 31 93 889

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