Abraaj Capital Art Prize 6 - for artists


Selection Criteria for Artist Applications, 2014

ACAP 2014 will be the 6th edition of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize (ACAP), and there will be 5 winning projects commissioned. The annual prize is an opportunity for artists to put forward a proposal to create a new artwork. It must be ready by Art Dubai in March 2014, so the preparation time can include travel and research as well as production and shipping of the artworks to Dubai. Before submitting, artists need to have discussed their proposal with a nominator of their choosing, who is familiar with their practice and is happy to support the proposal. A guest curator will be appointed by March 2013 to work on the 2014 edition, and will be included in the Selection Committee for the artists.

Artist Eligibility

  • There is no age restriction for artists to apply.
  • Artists must originate from (first generation) a country in the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa & South Asia) region, which is defined as the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.
  • Nationality, Place of birth and Current country / countries of residence are all requested on the application.
  • Applications are only accepted by individual artists, not a group of artists; any artist who belongs to a group can apply individually as separate participants.
  • Name / names of nominator/s needs to be stated on the application.

Application submission details

  • An artist may apply only once during the Application Session [Nov 1 2012 – Jan 31 2013].
  • All applications need to be made electronically via the online system on the website.
  • Applications need to be submitted directly by the artist.
  • Applications should not be part of an ongoing project or series, a new, independent artwork must be submitted to qualify.
  • The project submitted must result in a tangible, finished artwork for Art Dubai, March 2014.
  • Artworks already shown in public before the announcement will not be accepted.
  • Works of art in any medium are eligible for submission; with the exception of ephemeral artwork with a short lifespan as the works need to go on to form part of the Abraaj Capital Art Collection. Projects that require continuous maintenance to prolong the life span of the work will not be accepted.
  • The artwork must be capable of display in both an indoor and outdoor location [with options for display in both scenarios mentioned in the application].
  • It is expected that the artwork produced will be unique (i.e. a single edition), and following its unveiling at Art Dubai it will belong to Abraaj Capital. If this is not the case (i.e. for artists who work in photography or video) then the application must clearly state in the application the proposed number of editions required for the artwork.
  • All electronic equipment needed for the art project to function must be included in the budget proposal and packed with the art project for future display.
  • The artist will provide a Certificate of Authenticity to Abraaj Capital.
  • The artist shall insure that the art project is capable of being packed into crates, stored, transported and reinstalled in a variety of venues, and the artist shall provide all necessary instructions for this to be carried out.
  • Conservation, installation and de-installation guidelines must be clearly outlined in the application.
  • The application needs to specify the estimated size and weight of the Art Project.
  • The Organisers will require each artist to record the development of the artistic process and submit regular reports to the Organisers.

Ownership & Copyright

  • If the participant is chosen and consents to be a winner of ACAP 2014, ownership rights on completion of the artwork will shift from the artist to Abraaj Capital.
  • Abraaj Capital shall be granted full reproduction rights over the Art Project to create a catalogue and publicise the artworks in any form of communication.
  • Abraaj Capital accept the applications in confidence, and acknowledge that the information in the proposal will not be disclosed to anyone apart from the listed Selection Committee.


  • There is no application fee.
  • Each selected Art Project will have a budget of $100,000.
  • From this the participant bears all responsibility for costs associated with the production of the Art Project; installation costs at Art Dubai in March 2014 and shipment to Dubai.
  • Costs related to the catalogue production & curatorial fee will be covered by Abraaj.
  • No co-sponsors of the project will be accepted.

Materials to submit via an application form online include the following:

Contact Details
SECTION TWO: Artist Background
Details of qualifications, exhibition history & awards. This can be in free flowing text or listed as per a C.V., maximum 200 words.
Images or videos [up to 3] of previous work. [This can be 3 individual PDF files with more than one image and accompanying text if appropriate.] File limit per file is 8 MB.
Artist Statement [maximum 1000 words] Explain the broader context of your proposal and how it relates to your previous practice and philosophy.
Exhibition working title
Detailed proposal [maximum 1000 words]. Include a timeline for production [up to 10 months]
Option to upload up to 3 drawings / sketches / images / video accompanying proposal. [This can be 3 individual PDF files with more than one image and accompanying text if appropriate]. File limit per file is 8 MB.
Outline materials used in production of artwork
Estimated Dimensions
Estimated Weight

Please be in touch with us if you have any further queries: abraajprize@artdubai.ae

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