A Show for Bethlehem


A Call for Artists and a New Years message
Deadline: 1 March 2006

After presenting his global networking project ®[R][F]2005—>XP – http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org in 2005 in Bethlehem/Palestine as an interactive media exhibition, Agricola de Cologne, media artist and director of [NewMediaArtprojectNetwork]:||cologne – www.nmartproject.net is invited to curate in 2006 another exhibition in Bethlehem at CAVE Gallery/Bethlehem International Center to be inaugurated in July 2006, this time focussed on the classical theme of "selfportrait", but executed in New Media.

Through its relevance in three world religions, Bethlehem was during more than 2000 years a symbol for peace also beyond, but since some time Bethlehem and the entire Holy Land on the Westbank is vanishing behind a huge wall as the result of a conflict in Middle East which is threatening world peace since many years.

Just by being presented in Bethlehem – "Selfportrait" – a show for Bethlehem – has also a political dimension in different concern, It does not bring only the message of solidarity, but also the idea of a free and independant culture without borders, in this way the show becomes an action for supporting the effords for peace in Middle East.
Each artist involved becomes a messanger of peace!

The "call for proposals" is addressed to all artists working with digital/electronic media, for submitting one single "selfportrait" for exhibition purposes as digital print, digital video, multi-media works based on Cd-Rom and Internet, and soundart – focussed on how they – these "new artists" – see themselves and the environment they are living in.
Due to the limits of exhibition space, only a selection of submissions can be included.

In order to spread the message of solidarity and peace, It is planned to present this show also at other places around the globe.

You find the "call", the submission details and the entry form here

Deadline 1 March 2006

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