A pound of flesh

A Pound of Flesh



NeMe invites you to A Pound of Flesh, a performance by Lanfranco Aceti to take place in the Limassol Municipal Market on Thursday May 23, 2013, from 10:30 to 12:30.

MoCC and NeMe present A Pound of Flesh, a series of interventions and new artworks by Lanfranco Aceti. The artworks, installations, performances, videos and photographs, focus on the current social crisis and question relationships of power and money.

“They are like painters who cover the walls of sinking ships with still lifes. […] They produce their daubs undisturbed by the mighty or by the screams of the ravaged.” Adorno, Aesthetic Theory, 149-150.

A Pound of Flesh will see a performance taking place at at the local market in Limassol in order to question the current European economic crisis and its social impact.

If the political abuse of the economically deprived of society is nothing else than a process of consumption and devouring, what is left for European citizens but to offer a pound of flesh?

When: Thursday May 23, 2013, from 10:30 to 12:30
Where: Limassol Municipal Market, Kanari st, Limassol

Curated by: Helene Black, Ozden Sahin and Jonathan Munro
Coordinated by: Yiannis Colakides
Project: Lanfranco Aceti & NeMe


Dr Lanfranco Aceti works as an academic, artist and curator. He is Visiting Professor at Goldsmiths College, Department of Art and Computing, London; teaches Contemporary Art and Digital Culture at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul; and is Editor in Chief of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (the MIT Press, Leonardo journal and ISAST). He is the Gallery Director at Kasa Gallery in Istanbul and worked as the Artistic Director and Conference Chair for ISEA 2011 Istanbul. He has a PhD from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London. His work has been published in Leonardo, Art Inquiry and Routledge and his interdisciplinary research focuses on the intersection between digital arts, visual culture and new media technologies. Lanfranco Aceti specialises in contemporary art, inter-semiotic translations between classic media and new media, contemporary digital hybridisation processes, avant-garde film and new media studies and their practice-based applications in the field of fine arts. He has worked as an Honorary Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Virtual Reality Environments at University College London. He has exhibited works at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London and done digital interventions at TATE Modern, The Venice Biennale, MoMA, Neue Nationalgalerie, the ICA and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Previously an Honorary Research Fellow at the Slade School of Fine Art, Dr Aceti has also worked as an AHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London, School of History of Art, Film & Visual Media and as Visiting Research Fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Ozden Sahin completed a BA in Translation and Interpreting Studies at Bogazici University in 2007 and received an MA in Cultural Studies at Sabanci University in 2009. Her thesis titled Censorship on Visual Arts and Its Political Implications in Contemporary Turkey: Four Case Studies from 2002-2009 sought to explore cultural manifestations of recent art censorship in Turkey through the narratives provided by artists. Her main areas of interest are visual culture and curating digital art.

Ozden currently works at Sabanci University Kasa Gallery as the Vice Director and In-house Curator. She is also the Conference and Program Director to ISEA2011 Istanbul: The 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art and she is the Co-Editor to the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Leonardo/ISAST).

Jonathan Munro is an artist, curator and educator. In 2009 Jonathan founded TINT, an artists led organisation with no fixed location, working in unused spaces, galleries and with online platforms. In 2010, he co-curated Unleashed Devices at the Watermans Art Centre in London. He has a BA in Fine Art specialising in Sculpture from University of Leeds. Jonathan is currently completing an MFA in Computational Studio Arts at Goldsmiths college. In 2011 he was awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant.

As an artist Jonathan Munro has worked on varies art projects, individually and within collaborations. His practice spans many mediums, incorporating computational tools, video, photography and fine art tools. He is interested in the control and configuration of the sensorial environment; this is both in terms of traditional art aesthetics and as part of a technologically informed practice.

He is currently the co-director of the Tin Shed Gallery in Goldsmiths College. The main aims are to bring international artists and academics together to be involved in exhibitions, talks and residencies around the themes of arts, technology and social issues. He is also working as editor for the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

Helene Black and Yiannis Colakides are co-founders and co-directors of NeMe.


Limassol Municipality, Christiana Solomou, Alexis Andreou

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