The Humarts Foundation

International Competition for contemporary choreography

call for applications

  1. All participants, whether choreographers or dancers, may not have professional education.
  2. Choreographers must be older than 18 years and the choreography should be created after Sep 2006.
  3. The length of performance must be between 10 and 15 minutes. A solo-dance may be interpreted by the choreographer him/herself.
  4. The pieces must be performed by a maximum of FIVE dancers.
  5. The Application form must be completed and sent to the organizers before 15.05.2007 with a Curriculum vitae , photograph of the choreographer and a brief summary of the choreographed entry. The choice of subject and music is left open to the competitor. Details about both should be given in the entry form.
    The applying choreographers have to send a DVD,mini DV or VHS video (PAL system) with a recording of the whole piece to reach the organizers not later than 15.05.2007. (without cuts and from a fixed pan shot), with all the performers. – The recording is to contain the final piece and all the features of its set. Once the selection has been carried out, no changes (shall) will be allowed to the basic structure of the choreography or the set used. – The Organisation hereby reserves the right to keep the selected videos for its documentation base.
  6. Admission to the competition will be decided by a pre-jury after all videos have been watched. Admission to the competition is subject to the organizers consent.10 choreographers will be admitted to the contest. (Admission to the competition is subject to the organizers consent.)
  7. Competitors are required to be available without fee for the necessary rehearsals, press conferences, interviews and possible radio and television recordings.
  8. No pieces which include water or other liquids being spilt or which will disrupt the rhythm of the programme due to cleaning the elements used, will be accepted.
  9. The decision of the jury is final.. After the competition the members of the jury will be available to competitors, on request, for advisory talks.
  10. The jury will consist of national and international professionals and experts in the performing arts and it reserves the right to declare void any prize. If the jury wishes to award a prize exaequo, the quantity will be divided among the pieces concerned.
    The jury will apply the following assessment criteria to the choreographed pieces entered: originality, inventive capacity, innovation and risk in the design, performance of the choreographed ideas, handling of the choreographic language and the language of dance, use of the stage and its elements and use of the music.
  11. Prizes totaling 5,500.- EUR will be awarded, divided as follows:
    1st prize =2000.- EUR
    2nd prize = 1500.- EUR
    3rd prize = 1000.- EUR
    audience prize 600- EUR
  12. Humarts foundation is going to produce a subsequent full length performance of the 1st price winner.
    Competitors will be informed of further details about two weeks before the competition.

The competition will take place on the 10th of September 2007 in Sofia , Bulgaria . It will take place in one evening before an audience and an international jury. The rehearsals will take place during the day. All competitors have a max. of 30 minutes for technical rehearsal on the stage. Humarts Foundation will cover some of the travel expenses of the participants.

Humarts Foundation will cover per diems and the costs for accommodation.

The Humarts Foundation
Bul. Hristo Botev 115
1000 Sofia
phone: +359/886761237

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