6th edition of the MUSAC Artistic Creation Grants


Fundación Siglo para las Artes de Castilla y León, through the Castilla y León Museum of Contemporary Art (MUSAC), is now accepting submissions for the 5th edition of its MUSAC Artistic Creation Grants 2010-2011, under the following Terms:

  1. The purpose of this grant scheme is to promote and stimulate artistic creation in all contemporary art disciplines: painting, sculpture, etching, drawing, photography, video, graphic works, installation, media art, electronic art or any other contemporary form, including multidisciplinary projects.
    Grants shall be allocated to the best art projects, which must be new and original creations or formerly unpublished work in progress that the artist intends to complete, provided the latter has received no previous financial support, subsidy or grant.
    A compulsory requirement in order to obtain a grant is to enjoy no simultaneous form of financial support, grant or subsidy, nor to be hired in any form of employment that may be incompatible with the grant&8217;s execution. If such incompatibility were to arise, the grant may be withdrawn, upon a report to that effect by the Monitoring Committee.
  2. Total funds allocated to the Artistic Creation Grants shall be limited to SIXTY THOUSAND EURO (€ 60,000.00), to be divided among the selected projects, up to a maximum sum of FIFTEEN THOUSAND EURO (15,000.00 €) each, subject to the applicable tax deductions.
    At least one third of the total sum allocated as grants shall be reserved for projects submitted by applicants born in the Region of Castilla y León or registered as residents there before the first day of the application period.
    Grants shall be payable in various instalments depending on the project schedule submitted by the applicant.
  3. Applicant requirements.
    Any person above the age of 18 may apply, individually or collectively, with no other limitations.
    Grounds for incompatibility with these grants are the following:
    • To be under a sanction barring the applicant from obtaining public subsidies or financial support.
    • To be in default of tax or Social Security payments under current regulations.
    • To be registered for tax purposes as a resident in a country or territory considered under legal provisions to be a tax haven.
    • To be in default of payments for the refund of subsidies.
    • To be currently or formerly in the employment or to have provided services, directly or indirectly, to Fundación Siglo.
    • Those artists whose work is held in the MUSAC Collection.
    • To have a relationship of consanguinity up to the fourth degree or by marriage up to the second degree with a member of the Jury.
    • In the case of team submissions, there shall be a designated representative. Accountability and payment of grants shall adhere to the conditions stated in the application documents.
      Each individual or team shall submit a single project.
  4. The duration of grants shall be determined on the basis of the schedule estimated by the applicant in his or her submission, the final deadline being 31 December 2011.
    Fundación Siglo, on the proposal of the Monitoring Committee, and having seen the work in progress, may exceptionally extend the duration of the grant as it sees fit, though never beyond the initial deadline, and subject to the availability of sufficient funds under the relevant budgetary item.
    On the completion of the grant period, recipients shall submit a final report on the work they have carried out and its outcomes, and justify all expenses incurred in the project&8217;s execution, in accordance with the estimated budget submitted with their application.
  5. The following documents must be submitted with the application:
    Attached form filled (1 page).
    Photocopy of a valid ID card or passport (1 page).
    Brief biography (limited to 1 page).
    Title, summary and description of the project (limited to 2 pages).
    Project schedule and budget (limited to 1 page).
    Dossier including print-outs or colour photocopies of the artist&8217;s work (limited to 10 pages). Original documents shall not be admitted, nor attached documentation such as catalogues, leaflets, original works or others.
    For the convenience of the administrative and assessment process, the above material shall be submitted on bound A-4 sheets, to a maximum of 16 pages (as specified above). Any application not in compliance with this requirement shall be dismissed.
    In the case of media-based projects, the artist may submit a single DVD attached to the required documentation.
    Documentation submitted with an application shall not be returned after the Jury&8217;s final decision.
    Applications may be submitted in person, by registered mail or by courier to the following address: Becas Creación Artística MUSAC. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, Avenida Reyes Leoneses, 24 (24008) León, Spain.
    The deadline for applications is 15 March 2011 at 14:00 hours.
  6. The Jury shall be made up of the Agustín Pérez Rubio, MUSAC Director (León); María Inés Rodríguez, MUSAC Chief Curator (León); Peio Aguirre, independent curator; Nuria Enguita, independent curator and a secretary. It shall sit after the close of the application deadline. The Jury shall adopt a unanimous decision, which shall be published in early April 2011 and notified in person to the applicants selected. The decision shall also be posted on the MUSAC website.
  7. Applications shall be assessed on the following criteria:
    • the project&8217;s artistic quality and novelty
    • the project&8217;s rigorous presentation and coherent discourse
    • adequacy of the estimated budget
  8. Once the selection process is completed, a Monitoring Committee shall be established, charged with assessing the progress of projects and requesting from grantees any information it deems relevant on the state of their work in progress. Grantees shall notify the Monitoring Committee of any circumstance that may affect the progress of their projects or imply any change to the conditions under which the grant was allocated. Changes to these conditions must be authorised in advance by the Monitoring Committee.
    If progress on the project were deemed to be in breach of the agreed terms or schedule, or if the information provided on progress were not considered satisfactory, or if a grantee were to breach any of the obligations taken on, the grant may be automatically withdrawn upon a report to that effect by the appointed Monitoring Committee. Withdrawal of the grant implies the loss of the right to receive any outstanding instalments and, were responsibility for non-compliance attributable to the grantee, he or she may be requested to reimburse all sums previously received.
    Were the beneficiary to forfeit the grant during its validity period, in addition to renouncing the right to receive outstanding payments, he or she shall submit in advance a reasoned explanation along with a dossier describing activities carried out and outcomes produced to date, as well as justification of all expenses incurred in the execution of the project up to the forfeiture date.
  9. In compliance with Organic Act 15/1999 on the protection of personal data, Fundación Siglo hereby declares that all data provided may be included, if applicable, in the relevant data files, with the sole purpose of managing participation in the current grant scheme and the obligations derived there from. Likewise, all participants grant their express consent for Fundación Silgo to process the personal data they may provide for the purposes of the current grant scheme. Participants are hereby informed that they may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose their personal data before Fundación Siglo as the holder of the relevant file or process.
  10. On the completion of projects and only in those cases when the beneficiary freely agrees and so it isendorsed by the MUSAC Adcquisitions Committee, the work or works produced shall enter into the property of Fundación Siglo in order to be included, upon completion of the relevant procedures, in the MUSAC Collection, who shall also hold all rights of use over the work or works, subject to no limitations in space or time.
  11. These artistic creation grants do not provide any form of medical insurance.
  12. Submission of an application implies the full acceptance of these Terms and of the Jury&8217;s final decision.
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