5th Lisbon's International Video Festival - Call for entries



The festival aims at promoting and diffusing video and the new visual and communication media while artistic forms of expression.

Date and Place

The 5th Lisbon’s International Video Festival will take place from the 7th to the 18th of September 2005, at Forum Lisboa and Zé dos Bois Gallery, in Lisbon, Portugal.


The festival consists of an international video competition, a showcase of recent Portuguese video productions, an exhibition of artistic works made in video, CD-Rom, and Internet projects, retrospectives and thematic programmes, school presentations, conferences and special events.

Entry terms (video competition)

  • Production Year
    • The video competition is opened to video works produced from January 1st, 2003 onwards.
  • Length
    • Preference is given to works whose length doesn’t exceed 50 minutes.
  • Selection
    1. Videos will be admitted for selection through the viewing of a copy in VHS or DVD (PAL or NTSC).
    2. The Direction of VideoLisboa will appoint a committee for the selection of works to enter the competition. From this committee’s decisions there will be no appeal.
    3. Preference will be given to works not premiered in Portugal before the Festival.
    4. For selection purposes, VHS/DVD copies must be sent until the 1st of July 2005 (postal stamp), together with the correctly filled entry form, stills from the video (jpeg, 300dpi,640×480pixel), a brief synopsis and a dialogue list, when available, in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.
    5. These elements should be sent to the following address: VIDEOLISBOA * Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro nº29 2º 1200-369 Lisboa* PORTUGAL.
    6. The committee’s decision will be announced, at www.videolisboa.com, until the 10th of August 2005. From this decision there will be no appeal.
    7. The selected works must reach the Festival until the 23rd of August 2005, in the following formats: BETACAM SP, DV CAM or mini DV (PAL only). We request a good screening quality copy.

Transportation and insurance

  • The applicants will pay for the shipping costs of the VHS/DVD copies and, if selected, of the screening formats to the Festival. The Festival will cover the return costs of the screening copies.
  • The VHS/DVD and screening format copies from outside the European Union should be sent directly to the Festival always with the label "No Commercial Value – For Cultural Purposes Only – Video Cassette – Temporary Import for Festival. Value = Euros 0 "written on the package or envelope.
  • The works (screening format), when in possession of the Festival, will, at all times, be covered by insurance, from reception to return (copy value).
  • The VHS/DVD copies of all films submitted to appreciation will only be returned in case that wish is duly expressed on the entry form, and the expedition costs will be supported by the addressee.
  • The screening format copies will be returned according to the instructions stated on the entry form.


A jury composed of three members will give three awards. A grand prize for best work in competition (trophy, diploma and Euros 1500), two special jury awards (trophy, diploma and Euros 1000) intended to reward the works whose relevance the jury decides to point out. The public attending the Festival screenings will vote for the VideoLisboa Audience Award (trophy, diploma and Euros 750).

INTER (digital interactive projects)

The works selected for this section will comprise the INTER exhibition. A trans-disciplinary display whose common link shall be the selected works’ interactivity.

  • We will accept works in video, cd-rom, dvd or internet, made from January 2003 onwards, from any origin.
  • We will consider works of artistic and cultural nature, excluding those of institutional or commercial nature.
  • applications must include the entry form and documentation, in Portuguese or English, with a synopsis and precise information concerning the appropriate software and hardware to use.
  • video works (interactive installation) must include the entry form and detailed information regarding the project: a cost plan, sketches and equipment setting instructions, photos and, when possible, a video record.

General Terms

  • VHS/DVD copies of all received works will be available for viewing in the section "Video à la Carte", taking place during the Festival, except when duly stated otherwise on the entry form.
  • For informative and promotional purposes, excerpts of the selected works may be used, up to a maximum of 3 minutes, except when duly stated otherwise on the entry form.
  • All details and issues not expressed on these regulations will be decided and communicated by the direction of the Festival.
  • Submissions to the Festival imply the acceptance of this regulations.
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