404 Festival 2009


This call is free and open for authors of any age and nationality. In order to participate of the 404 Festival you must:

  1. Read and accept the General Terms and Conditions;
  2. Complete every field in the on-line Submission Form for each work sent, attaching a representative image of the artwork and another image of the artist (both to be published) in .JPG (1024 × 768 pixels) file format and send it to 404entry [at] gmail.com; c) Send the works (CD or DVD) by postal mail to the following address:

Universidad Nacional de Rosario,
Maipú 1065,
(2000) Rosario,
Santa Fe,

  1. A maximum of 3 works in the same category.
  2. Live concerts, conferences, projections and performances may have a running time of up to 30 minutes.
  3. Each work sent (CDs, DVDs or prints) must have a label with the following information: CATEGORY, NAME OF THE WORK, NAME OF THE ARTIST, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE, AND E-MAIL. CDs and DVDs must be submitted in suitable hard casings
  4. The following formats and storing devices should be picked according to the specific discipline encompassing your work:
    • NET-ART: 1 CD to be browsed offline. If the nature of the work does not allow this, you must send the URL. In both cases, the operating system required to visualize the work must be specified (PC or Mac). Attach the necessary programs and plug-ins for the work to be properly viewed
    • STILL IMAGE: 1 CD with files in .JPG format, at 200 dpi
    • ANIMATION: 1 CD with file in .SWF format (Flash)
    • VIDEO: 2 DVDs: 1 DVD NTSC (standard format for DVD reproduction) and 1 DVD with a MPG2 DVD NTSC DEMULTIPLEXED (compilation format) file. Audio format: Stereo .PCM or .WAV 48.000 hz, 16 bits. Both copies in DV-NTSC Standard. An image of every work or representative of them in .JPG format 1024 × 768 pixels.
    • AUDIOVISUAL SET: 1 DVD NTSC (standard format for DVD reproduction)
    • MUSIC: 2 CDs: 1 Audio CD and 1 CD with.MP3 at 160 kbps files. Each of these files must include the author’s and track names.
    • THEORY: 1 CD with .DOC files and printed document in A4 sheet in Verdana font, size 11. If the original text has been written in a language different than Spanish, the proper translation must be attached.
    • PERFORMANCE: 1 CD or DVD with the required technical grid, a CD or DVD demo, descriptive photographs, and a draft description of the layout.
    • INSTALLATION: 1 CD or DVD with the required technical grid, a CD or DVD demo, descriptive photographs, and a draft description of the layout.
  5. The works received might be incorporated to the Astas Romas collection and may be Published as such in the Astas Romas Website and/or the 404 Festival Website. The works may be reproduced totally or partially in any “Astas Romas” or “404 Festival” event that could be held in the future. In any event, the authors keep their intellectual rights on the work according to every current law.
  6. Submitted works received will not be returned. Please do NOT SEND ORIGINALS but copies.
  7. Shipping expenses, mounting expenses and any other expense that may occur involving the work’s setting up will be paid by the author.
  8. The 404 Festival organization will contact the selected authors via e-mail.
  9. Deadline is February 10th 2009. The date will be taken from the post date stamp on submitted packages.
  10. Presenting any work implies the total acceptance of these terms and conditions as well as any modification that could be made to them by the Organization.
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