2nd international prize for Digital Art


Foundation Fita announced the 2nd international prize for Digital Art

Digital Art include all the disciplines of the art: drawing, sculture, photography, cinema, music… Complemented with the own spectator to be involved in a deeper way in the work. The objective of this price is to promote the artists, the works and the research in this new media.


  • The Fita Foundation announces the 2nd INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR DIGITAL ART, open to all artists of any nationality, who may compete of it with one work per entrant or team.
  • The work must be created in Flash, Shockwave, or any internet-compatible format, and submitted on Windows or Mac compatible CD-ROM. All of the plug-ins necessary for running it must be included.
  • A descriptive memorandum on the work must be attached, with a maximum of 5.000 characters, together with a representative image of it (720×480 pixels).
  • The works may not be limited solely to the image. Value will be given to the interrelation between different media of artistic expression, especially betweeen image, movement, sound and text.
  • The works must stimulate the interactive participation.
  • The theme is MATERNITY.
  • The following prize is established: FITA FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR DIGITAL ART 2005, endowd with 5.000 euros for the best work.
  • The works submitted must be originals, strictly unpublished, and must not have won any prize in any competition.
  • The authors must hold all rights of the materials used, and it is their responsibility to obtain the necessary licences and permits for the images, texts and sound.
  • No person who has won in previous editions may competefor this prize.
  • The jury will be designated by the Fita Foundation and the members will have ackowledged technical and artistic solvency. The composition of the jury will not be made public untill after the announcement of the veredic. Its decisions will be final and it is enpowered to settle any problem of interpretation of the rules or any matter not provided for in them.
  • At the jury’s discretion, the prize may be declared void. The jury is authorised to award the prize ex aequo to two works if it sees fit.
  • The participants must complete the registration form which they will find at: http://www.fundaciofita.com/artdigital2005/form.html
  • The works must be send to Fundació Fita, Hortes 22, 17001 Girona (Catalonia, SPAIN). The envelope must clearly state FITA FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR DIGITAL ART 2005.
  • The period of admission of the works will terminate at midnight on 15 September 2005.
  • The material submitted to the competition will remain the property of the Fita Foundation, which reserves the right of dissemination of the winning work.
  • Once submitted, no work may be withdrawn, and once admitted it will not be returned.
  • On the afternoon of Thursday 6 October 2005 the winning work will be announced in a public ceremony at the Josep Viader Auditorium in Girona. At 20,00 GMT on the same day, it will be announced at the internet address: http://www.fundaciofita.com/artdigital2005/
  • The fact of participating in the competition implies the full acceptance of these rules and the jury’s verdict.
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