27 Bienal de São Paulo


“How to Live Together”

Chief curator: Lisette Lagnado Co-curators: Adriano Pedrosa, Cristina Freire, José Roca, Rosa Martínez. Guest curator: Jochen Volz
After a year of research, meetings, visits to ateliers in several countries, the chief curator, Lisette Lagnado and her team compiled the list of the 118 artists chosen to paticipate in the 27ª Bienal de São Paulo (see complete list below). Of the chosen artists, seven were invited to prepare graphic interventions in the catalogue, 10 are foreign artists in residence in Brazil and the “Fortnight of Films” with nine filmmakers, running from Oct. 4 to Oct. 18 at the Cine Bombril and, later, at the Museu Lasar Segall.

The chief curator, Lisette Lagnado, was elected democratically to the position by means of an application project. The procedure was adopted for the first time in the history of the Fundação Bienal (founded in 1951) and this democratization was extended to the internal organization of the exhibition, led by president Manoel Francisco Pìres da Costa. This decision reflects the independence and autonomy of the Fundação Bienal in its leadership of a new project.

The 27ª Bienal de São Paulo began its activities in January. This time, international representations were abolished. The title of the exhibition, “How to Live Together”, inspire on seminars by Roland Barthes at the Collège de France in 1976 and 1977 proposes a reflection on the construction of shared spaces. Coexistence and living together, rhythms of production and cooperative practices are matters woven into attempts to reach an ethical definition of Living Together. The 27ª Bienal is conceptually located at the crossroads of two lines of thought developed by Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980): the meaning of “construction”, at the base of neoconcrete experimentation, and the “farewell to aesthetics”. In the exhibition, these two lines translate into “Constructive Projects” and “Programs for Life”.

The residency program has 10 artists exploring the cultural diversity and complex economic and political geography of Brazil, based on an articulation with local agents in order to produce the works for the 27ª Bienal de São Paulo. The artists in residence are: Lara Almarcegui, Armando Andrade-Tudela, Alberto Baraya, Minerva Cuevas, Meschac Gaba, Francesco Jodice, Marjetica Potrc, Florian Pumhösl, Shimabuku and Susan Turcot. The places of residence are: Rio Branco (AC), Recife (PE) and São Paulo (SP). The program is made viable by means of a partnership with the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (SP), that houses the artists at its Edifício Lutetia, at the Praça do Patriarca; Fundação Joaquim Nabuco (PE) and Fundação Elias Masour (AC).

The seminars were conceived to analyze concepts that accompany contemporary artistic production. In January, “Marcel, 30”, organized by guest curator Jochen Volz, gathered the speakers Ricardo Basbaum, Jürgen Harten, Stephanne Huchet, Lisette Lagnado, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Dorothea Zwirner, who debated, from an analysis of artist Marcel Broodthaers&8217; work, the logic of museums and exhibition spaces.
In April, the seminar “Architecture”, organized by Adriano Pedrosa, invited Beatriz Colomina, Jessica Morgan, Marjetica Potrc, Ana Maria Tavares, Eyal Weizman and Guilherme Wisnik, to discuss the friction between art and architecture. “Reconstruction”, that took place in June and was organized by Cristina Freire, had the participation of Tony Chakar, Minerva Cuevas, João Frayze-Pereira, Viktor Misiano, Jean-Marc Poinsot and Renato Janine Ribeiro, who proposed a discussion on destroyed cities, migrations and diasporas.
On Aug. 4 and Aug. 5, Lisette Lagnado organized “Collective Life”, with the participation of Jane Crawford, Catherine David, Celso Favaretto, Jeanne Marie Gagnebin, Yuko Hasegawa and Peter Pál Pelbart. On Oct. 9 and Oct. 10, the seminar “Exchanges”, organized by Rosa Martínez, will gather Nicolas Bourriaud, Paulo Herkenhoff, Carlos Jiménez, Maria Rita Kehl, Ernesto Neto and Renata Salecl. In November, the seminar “Acre”, organized by José Roca will bring together the speakers Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Thierry de Duve, Jimmie Durham, Francisco Foot Hardman and David Harvey, to debate matters of territories and borders. The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Marina Silva, is yet to confirm her presence at the debate.

The 27ª Bienal de São Paulo also takes a step toward the democratization of studies on contemporary art and aesthetic experience. The creation of four centers of artistic discussion in strategic points of the outskirts of the city is part of this edition&8217;s Educational Project. This new initiative is aimed at enlarging the public who will attend the Bienal beyond the most privileged social classes. The Educational Project is organized by Denise Grinspum.

Among other special projects is the development of four publications, including texts from the seminars and the main exhibition catalogue, with graphic design by Rodrigo Cerviño Lopez. The displays and exhibition design were projected by Marta Bogéa.
The 27ª Bienal de São Paulo will have a total of 118 participating artists. All will present new works at the exhibition that runs from Oct. 7 to Dec. 17.

Caption: Fastwurms
‘Red of Tooth and Kaw’, 2001
Digital video

Name; Year of birth; Birthplace; Place of residence;

  1. Adel Abdessemed (1971 Constantine), Paris
  2. Ahlam Shibli (1970 Arab al-Shibli), Haifa
  3. Akram Zaatari (1966 Saida), Beirute
  4. Alberto Baraya(1968 Bogotá), Bogotá / Madri
  5. Ana Mendieta (1948, Havana – †1985, New York)
  6. Andrew McLeod (1976 Rotorua), Auckland
  7. Ann Lislegaard (1962 Tonsberg), Copenhagen / Nova York
  8. Angela Detanico e Rafael Lain (1974/1973 Caxias do Sul), São Paulo / Paris
  9. Antal Lakner (1966 Budapeste), Budapeste
  10. Antoni Miralda (1942 Barcelona), Barcelona / Miami
  11. Armando Andrade Tudela (1975 Lima), St. Etienne
  12. Atelier Bow-Wow (1992 Tóquio), Tóquio
  13. Aya Ben Ron (1967 Haifa), Tel- Aviv
  14. Barbara Visser (1966 Haarlem), Amsterdã
  15. Bregtje van der Haak (1966 Utrecht), Amsterdã
  16. Brendon Wilkinson (1974 Masterton), Auckland
  17. Cao Guimarães (1965 Belo Horizonte), Belo Horizonte
  18. Claudia Andujar (1931 Neuchâtel), São Paulo
  19. Cláudia Cristóvão (1973 Luanda), Amsterdã
  20. Damian Ortega (1967 Cidade do México), Cidade do México
  21. Dan Graham (1942 Urbana), Nova York
  22. Diango Hernández (1970 Sancti Spiritus), Trento / Düsseldorf
  23. Didier Fiuzu Faustino (1968 Paris), Paris / Lisboa
  24. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (1965 Estrasburgo), Paris / Rio de Janeiro
  25. Eloísa Cartonera (2003 Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires
  26. Esra Ersen (1970 Ancara), Istambul / Berlim
  27. Fastwürms (1979 Toronto), Toronto
  28. Fernando Ortega (1971 Cidade do México), Cidade do México
  29. Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957, Guaimaro – †1996, Miami);
  30. Florian Pumhösl (1971 Viena), Viena
  31. Francesco Jodice, (1967 Nápoles), Milão
  32. Gordon Matta-Clark (1943, Nova York – †1978, Nova York)
  33. Goshka Macuga (1967 Varsóvia), Londres
  34. Gerry Schum (1938 Colônia – †1973 Düsseldorf)
  35. Guy Tillim (1962 Joanesburgo), Cidade do Cabo
  36. Haegue Yang (1971 Seul), Seul / Berlim
  37. Hector Zamora (1974 Cidade do México), Cidade do México
  38. Hélio Melo (1926, Vila Antinari – †2001, Goiânia )
  39. Ivan Cardoso (1952 Rio de Janeiro), Rio de Janeiro
  40. Jack Smith (1932, Columbus-†1989, Nova York)
  41. Jamac – Jardim Miriam Arte Clube (2004 São Paulo), São Paulo
  42. Jane Alexander (1959 Joanesburgo), Cidade do Cabo
  43. Jarbas Lopes (1964 Nova Iguaçu), Maricá
  44. Jaroslaw Kozlowski (1945 Srem), Poznan
  45. Jean-Luc Godard (1930 Paris), Genebra
  46. Jeanne Faust (1968 Wiesbaden), Hamburgo
  47. João Maria Gusmão e Pedro Paiva (1979 / 1977 Lisboa), Lisboa
  48. Jorge Macchi (1963 Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires
  49. Juan Araújo (1971 Caracas), Caracas
  50. Júlio Bressane (1946 Rio de Janeiro), Rio de Janeiro
  51. Konono nº 1, Kinshasa
  52. Kristina Solomoukha (1971 Kiev), Paris
  53. Lara Almarcegui (1972 Zaragoza), Roterdã
  54. Lars Ramberg (1964 Oslo), Berlim
  55. Laura Lima (1971 Governador Valadares), Rio de Janeiro
  56. Lawrence Weiner (1942 Nova York), Nova York
  57. León Ferrari (1920 Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires
  58. Len Lye (1901, Christchurch -†1980, Warwick)
  59. Lida Abdul (1973 Kabul), Kabul
  60. Long March Project (1999 Pequim), Pequim
  61. Loulou Cherinet (1970 Gotemburgo), Estocolmo
  62. Lu Chunsheng (1968 Changchun), Shangai
  63. Lucia Koch (1966 Porto Alegre), São Paulo
  64. Mabe Bethônico (1966 Belo Horizonte), Belo Horizonte
  65. Marcel Broodthaers (1924, Bruxelas – †1976, Colônia)
  66. Marcellvs L. (1980 Belo Horizonte), Belo Horizonte
  67. Marcelo Cidade (1979 São Paulo), São Paulo
  68. Marcos Bonisson (1958 Rio de Janeiro), Rio de Janeiro
  69. Marepe (1970 Santo Antônio de Jesus), Santo Antônio de Jesus
  70. Maria Galindo (1964 La Paz), La Paz
  71. María Teresa Hincapié (1954 Armenia), Bogotá
  72. Marilá Dardot (1973 Belo Horizonte), São Paulo
  73. Mario Navarro (1970 Santiago de Chile), Santiago de Chile
  74. Marjetica Potrc (1953 Ljubljana), Ljubljana
  75. Mark Bradford (1961 Los Angeles), Los Angeles
  76. Martinho Patrício (1964 João Pessoa), João Pessoa
  77. Marwan Rechmaoui (1964 Beirute), Beirute
  78. Mauro Restiffe (1970 São José do Rio Pardo), São Paulo
  79. Meschac Gaba (1961 Cotonou), Roterdã
  80. Michael Snow e Carl Brown (1929 / 1959 Toronto), Toronto
  81. Miki Kratsman (1959 Buenos Aires), Tel-Aviv
  82. Minerva Cuevas (1975 Cidade do México), Cidade do México
  83. Monica Bonvicini (1965 Veneza), Berlim
  84. Mustafa Maluka (1977 Cidade do Cabo), Amsterdã / Cidade do Cabo
  85. Narda Alvarado (1975 La Paz), La Paz
  86. Nikos Charalambidis (1967 Limassol), Atenas
  87. Ola Pehrson (1964, Estocolmo – †2006, Ljusdal)
  88. Paula Trope (1962 Rio de Janeiro), Rio de Janeiro
  89. PAGES (2004 Haia), Roterdã / Teerã*
  90. Pepón Osório (1955 Santurce), Filadélfia
  91. Pieter Hugo (1976 Joanesburgo), Cidade do Cabo
  92. Raimond Chaves e Gilda Mantilla (1963 /1967, Bogotá/Los Angeles), Lima/Barcelona
  93. Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945, Bad Wörishofen -†1982, Munique)
  94. Randa Shaath (1963 Filadélfia), Cairo
  95. Renata Lucas (1971 Ribeirão Preto), São Paulo
  96. Rirkrit Tiravanija (1961 Buenos Aires), Chiang Mai / New York
  97. Rivane Neuenschwander (1967 Belo Horizonte), Belo Horizonte
  98. Roman Ondák (1966 Zilina), Bratislava
  99. Sanghee Song (1970 Seul), Seul / Amsterdã
  100. Servet Koçyigit (1971 Kaman), Amsterdã / Istambul
  101. Shaun Gladwell (1972 Sydney), Sydney
  102. Shimabuku (1969 Kobe), Berlim
  103. Simon Evans (1972 Londres), Londres
  104. SUPERFLEX (1993 Copenhagen), Copenhagen
  105. Susan Turcot (1966 Montreal), Londres / Québec
  106. Tacita Dean (1965 Canterbury), Berlim
  107. Tadej Pogacar (1960 Ljubljana), Ljubljana
  108. Taller Popular de Serigrafia (2002 Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires
  109. Thomas Hirschhorn (1957 Lensburg), Paris
  110. Tomas Saraceno (1973 San Miguel de Tucuman), Frankfurt
  111. Tommi Grönlund e Petteri Nisunen (1967 / 1962, Turku / Helsinki), Helsinki
  112. Vangelis Vlahos (1971 Atenas), Atenas
  113. Virginia Medeiros (1973 Feira de Santana), Salvador
  114. Vladimir Arkhipov (1961 Ryazan), Moscou
  115. Wang Youshen (1964 Pequim), Pequim
  116. Yael Bartana (1976 Afula), Tel-Aviv / Amsterdã
  117. Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (1999 Seul), Seul
  118. Zafos Xagoraris (1963 Atenas), Atenas
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