2014 Taipei International Design Award


Taipei International Design Award this year became the first in receiving recognition from International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), The International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA), and The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI). Officially became the internationally renowned major platform for designers to compete. The Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government states that since this award begun in 2008, there has been 10,258 pieces of excellent work joining the competition, and last year saw a breakthrough of 4,001 works with 40% of them by contestants from abroad and a total of 45 country representatives that chose to enter this contest. This award is without doubt, most successful in attracting foreign contestants among other awards or competition. It is also the only competing platform in the country that encourages the combination of creative designing concepts with actual pragmatism. This award is among the few that carries influence and weight.

The Department of Economic Development promoted commercializing creative concepts, and has helped the award recipients to apply for product patents, with the rate of success in applying at a staggering 92%. Meanwhile providing business opportunities for the creative industry and has accumulated the sum of total revenue of the entire industry to 14 million NTD. Last year the Department was also the first in the country to work in partnership with the creative industry crowd-funding platform, increased more opportunities for the award recipients to join in the platform and receive funding. This is a whole new era of commercial model for the excellent designers in the country, providing more opportunities for designers to realize their dreams.

Mr. Huang, head of the Department, stated that the 7th Taipei International Design Award has sent out invitations to worldwide designers. The Department announced that this year the total sum of the award amounts to 3 million NTD. With different categories for contest such as industrial design, visual communication design, and public space design etc. Award for each category can be as high as 500,000 NTD. Aside from the special recognition awards to be provided by all international design committees, under the influence of technology and digital application, Taipei International Design Award this year has added a new category, “digital application”. Along with the category of “social caring”, to encourage designers to come up with more ideas that can be more beneficial to the whole society. The public would also get a chance to vote on their favorite design, thus the category of “viewer’s choice” would be among the lineup.

The Taipei International Award 2014 will not be setting any specific theme, as with last year, in hopes that designers can create their designs with no limits whatsoever. Further improving the city economy, community, environment and cultural development, and to help forge a more harmonious, safe, convenient and quality lifestyle. Through the integration of technology and digital application, expectations are that there will be more creativity that can be measured with commercial value and can be realized in the city publics’ lives. Taipei acts as the platform for creativity and publication to flourish. The Department of Economic Development would also help assist the recipients in commercial retailing their excellent works with registration of patents and provision of business opportunities. The Department will strive to provide any arrangements that would safeguard the intellectual rights of the designers and to help make their dreams and ideas into profitable commercial products, thus further increasing the soft power of this nation, letting the global community see the intelligence and power of Taiwan.

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