13th São Paulo Bienal


The Thirtieth Bienal de São Paulo will take place from 7th September to 9th December 2012 and its curatorial concept is already defined.

Curated by Luis Pérez-Oramas (chief curator), André Severo and Tobi Maier (associated curators) and Isabella Villanueva (curator assistant), under the title The Imminence of Poetics, the Thirtieth Bienal de São Paulo takes its curatorial coordinates from the multiplicity, trans-nationality, recurrence and permanent mutability of artistic poetics.

With a view to establishing itself as a platform upon which to encounter this diversity of poetics, the fundamental tool the Thirtieth Bienal São Paulo – The Imminence of Poetics has chosen to adopt is the notion of Constellation – the main leitmotiv for which is articulation.

More than an exhibition of individual works and singular artists, the Thirtieth Bienal envisages an event that has the capacity to produce constellations of works and artists that dialogue amongst themselves, both within or beyond their programmatic reasonings; a platform for brokering approximations between works and artists that serve as effective tools for the renewal and production of meaning and signification.

In brief, the Thirtieth Bienal is about discursive acts – including modalities for the suspension and interruption of discourse – that feed off earlier discursive densities, off an organic memory of anteceding and nourishing enunciative or expressive acts which these discursive successors inevitably alter, deform and assimilate.

The artists list and more information about the exhibition will be released in April.

List of participant artists

Absalon, Israel • Alair Gomes, Brazil • Alberto Bitar, Brazil • PPPP (Productos Peruanos Para Pensar), Peru • Alejandro Cesarco, Uruguay • Alexandre da Cunha, Brazil • Alexandre Moreira, Brazil • Alfredo Cortina, Venezuela • Ali Kazma, Turkey • Allan Kaprow, USA • Ambroise Ngaimoko (Studio 3Z), Angola • Andreas Eriksson, Sweden • Anna Oppermann, Germany • Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Brazil • Athanasios Argianas, England/Greece • August Sander, Germany • Bas Jan Ader, Netherlands • Benet Rossell, Spain • Bernard Frize, France • Bernardo Ortiz, Colombia • Bruno Munari, Italy • Cadu Costa, Brazil • Charlotte Posenenske, Germany • Christian Vinck, Venezuela • Ciudad Abierta, Chile • Daniel Steegmann, Spain • Dave Hullfish Bailey, USA • David Moreno, USA • Edi Hirose, Peru • Eduardo Berliner, Brazil • Eduardo Gil, Venezuela • Eduardo Stupía, Argentina • Elaine Reichek, USA • Erica Baum, USA • Fernand Deligny, France • Fernanda Gomes, Brazil • f.marquespenteado, Brazil/Portugal • Fernando Ortega, Mexico • Franz Erhard Walther, Germany • Franz Mon, Germany • Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Ivory Coast • Gego, Venezuela • Guy Maddin, Canada • Hans Eijkelboom, Netherlands • Hans-Peter Feldmann, Germany • Hayley Tompkins, England/Scotland • Helen Mirra, USA • Hélio Fervenza, Brazil • Horst Ademeit, Germany • Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Iceland/Netherlands • Hugo Canoilas, Portugal • Ian Hamilton Finlay, Scotland • Icaro Zorbar, Colombia • Ilene Segalove, USA • Iñaki Bonillas, Mexico • Ivan Argote & Pauline Bastard, Colombia • Jerry Martin, Peru • Jiří Kovanda, Czech Republic • John Zurier, USA • José Arnaud-Bello, Mexico • Juan Iribarren, Venezuela • Juan Luis Martínez, Chile • Juan Nascimiento & Daniela Lovera, Venezuela • Jutta Koether, Germany • Katja Strunz, Germany • Kirsten Pieroth, Germany • Kriwet, Germany • Leandro Tartaglia, Argentina • Lucia Laguna, Brazil • Marcelo Coutinho, Brazil • Marco Fusinato, Australia • Maryanne Amacher, USA • Mark Morrisroe, USA • Martín Legón, Argentina • Meris Angioletti, Italy • Michel Aubry, France • Mobile Radio, England/Germany • Moris, Mexico • Moyra Davey, Canada • Nicolás Paris, Colombia • Nino Cais, Brazil • Nydia Negromonte, Brazil • Odires Mlaszho, Brazil • Olivier Nottellet, France • Pablo Accinelli, Argentina • Pablo Pijnappel, Brazil/Netherlands • Patrick Jolley, Ireland • Paulo Vivacqua, Brazil • Ricardo Basbaum, Brazil • Robert Filliou, France • Robert Smithson, USA • Roberto Obregón, Venezuela • Rodrigo Braga, Brazil • Runo Lagomarsino , Sweden • Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, Chile • Saul Fletcher, England • Savvas Christodoulides, Cyprus • Sergei Tcherepnin with Ei Arakawa, USA • Sheila Hicks, USA • Sigurdur Gudmundsson , Iceland • Simone Forti, USA • Sofia Borges, Brazil • Tehching Hsieh, Taiwan • Thiago Rocha Pitta, Brazil • Thomas Sipp, France • Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, Brazil • Viola Yesiltaç, Germany • Waldemar Cordeiro, Brazil • Xu Bing, China • Yuki Kimura, Japan

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