12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
The 12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition 2006, R.O.C.

Call for applications
Amidst the reverberation of globalization across the world, how should art communicate the affection for the native land, search for local characteristics, and promote the people’s self-understanding so as to realize the potential of each place, make our world more colourful, and enrich our lives?

The International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition opens the door of art to the outstanding artists from all around the world, inviting them to apply their creative energies, enthusiasm, wisdom, new concepts, new visions, and new techniques towards enriching the future development of printmaking and drawing.

The forthcoming exhibition brings the world&8217;s print art practitioners and experts together to exchange views and experiences in Taiwan in order to help spread the seeds of art and firmly plant the fine creative traditions of printmaking and drawing around the globe.


There are two (2) categories for submission: Print and Drawing. Works that pass preliminary assessment will be regarded as finalists. After the final assessment, works from each category will be awarded prizes. All finalists and prizewinners will have their works displayed at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts during the course of the exhibition.


Entry is open to print and drawing artists from around the world. Entry forms may be downloaded and printed directly from internet.

Guidelines for Submitted Works

  1. Submissions are limited to original works on paper, completed since 2003 (inclusive), and that have never been displayed in this exhibition.
  2. Submitted prints should be inherently reproducible through indirect procedures. They should be the original editions printed or copied on plane surface material (including monochromatic prints and hand-colored prints).
  3. Submitted drawings should be executed on paper.
  4. Submitted works should not be larger than 120 × 120 cm. or smaller than 60 × 40 cm.; there are no restrictions regarding thickness. The same parameters shall also apply to assembled works.
  5. Applicants may submit works in both the Print and Drawing categories, limited to one entry in each category per entrant.
  6. Works must be signed and shall not be framed or mounted. Unsigned, framed, and mounted works will be rejected.

Judging Panel

The competition will be conducted in two rounds: preliminary and final assessment. Only works that pass the preliminary judging will advance to the final round.

  1. Preliminary Round:
    Works and materials qualifying under these Guidelines and submitted on time will be assessed in the preliminary round by a panel of judges selected from the general committee.
  2. Final Round:
    Original works that pass preliminary judging will be assessed in the final round by an international panel of judges assembled by the general committee.


All winners will receive a certificate and cash reward; eight prizewinners will be awarded in both the Print and Drawing categories, as follow:
Gold Medal (1): Medal and cash prize of NT$400,000
Silver Medal (1): Medal and cash prize of NT$250,000
Bronze Medal (1): Medal and cash prize of NT$150,000
Honorable Mention (5): Trophy and cash prize of NT$60,000

  1. The host organization will invite Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal winners to participate in the awards and opening ceremony, and will furnish one round-trip coach-class ticket between Taiwan and the country of residence, as well as three days&8217; accommodations, for prizewinners residing outside of Taiwan; prizewinners residing in Taiwan will receive a travel stipend and three days&8217; accommodations. In addition, prizewinners will receive one complimentary exhibition catalogue and CD-ROM, and will be invited to present lectures or hold instructional workshops in Taiwan.
  2. All finalists will receive one finalist certificate and exhibition CD-ROM.
  3. In accordance with Republic of China tax law, foreign passport holders shall pay 20% income tax on prize earnings; ROC citizens will be assessed 15% income tax on prize earnings.

Obligations and Responsibilities

  1. All award-winning artworks will become part of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts collection.
  2. For educational, promotional, and informational purposes, the organizations shall retain the right to reproduce finalist and award-winning works in photographs, publications, and souvenirs, and ongoing rights to publish works in related media, over the Internet, as well rights to the sale of souvenirs based on such works.
  3. Applicants may indicate consent to donate works on the submission application form. The organizations shall, upon their approval of the donations, issue certificates of documentation and collection of the works donated.
  4. Participants must affirm that submitted works are the original creation of the applicant, and that the participant holds all related copyrights and has not violated intellectual property rights. No commercial activities of any kind involving participating works may be undertaken during the duration of the exhibition. In the event of violation of this agreement, the organizations reserve the right to disqualify participants, reclaim prize money and awards, and publicly announce any or all violations.

Regulations for Submitted Works

  1. All submissions must be mailed to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and postmarked by April 15, 2006. Submissions later than the date of the preliminary judging will not be entertained.
  2. Application forms must be typed or written legibly for the convenience of the screening committee.
  3. Submitted works should be protected in a strong tube or cardboard packaging.
  4. All works must be submitted by post from Taiwan or overseas. Applicants are responsible for all related postage, insurance, and taxes.
    In the interest of consistency, submissions delivered in person will not be accepted.
  5. Application materials (application form, return receipt, certificate of condition, Label A, and Label B) must be posted together with the submitted art work. Incomplete or illegible application information (print or type, please) will be rejected.


  1. The organizations will be liable for insurance coverage from the time works are received and registered through their return from the museum to their owners. The organizations shall not be held liable for loss or damages resulting from unavoidable catastrophe.
  2. Applicants shall arrange for insurance covering delivery and return of works to and from the exhibition according to their individual needs. The organizations shall not be held liable for loss or damage to works in transit to and from the exhibition.


  1. With the exception of prizewinning works, the organizations will return all submissions by post. Postage will be paid by the host organization.
  2. In the event an applicant&8217;s contact address has changed, or if for any other reason the works are undeliverable, they will be returned to the museum. If further attempts to contact the owner are unsuccessful, the host organization shall assume domain over said work and may dispose of said work as necessary. Further, the host organization may seek compensation from the participant for costs incurred in the disposal of submitted works.


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition
No. 2, Sec. 1, Wu-chuan W. Rd., Taichung 403
Taiwan, R.O.C.
phone: 886 4 2372-3552, ext. 633 or 314
fax: 886 4 2375-4730

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