11th Biennial of Moving Images Competition


Candidates wishing to participate in the 11th Biennial of Moving Images must submit their video work on a VHS or DVD video preview copy before May 16th, 2005 at the very latest .All genres are accepted and the works may be presented in any language. Participants may only submit one work. The work must have been made in 2004 or 2005.

Historically the biennial has always shown special regard for artistic and experimental video and film. The international competition aims to compare and contrast personal works that clearly stand apart from traditional commercial or TV productions. No limits are set in terms of genre, language, or length of the works submitted.

  • The 11th Biennial of Moving Images will be held at the Centre for Contemporary Images, Saint-Gervais Geneva from 11 to 19 November 2005. The Biennial will include an international competition of video works and filmsdesigned to give artists from all countries the opportunity to present their works.
  • The video works and films presented must be original and display a strongly personal and artistic approach with regard both to form and subject matter.
  • All genres are accepted and the works may be presented in any language. Participants may only submit one work.The work must have been produced in 2004 or 2005.
  • Film works will be screened in 16 mm or 35 mm. Video works will be screened on Beta SP PAL, DV / DVCAM or DVD video; no other standards are acceptable. Videos to be shown in installations, copies of internet or CD-rom projects transferred to videotape or film will be excluded from the competition.
  • Works shown in the competition and/or part of special program will be insured for a value equivalent to the costs of a copy.
  • No works shall be copied or made available in any other form off the premises where the event is to take place without the author's prior consent. Works shall not be cut or edited in any way.

  • Candidates wishing to participate in the 11th Biennial of Moving Images must submit their video work only on a VHS or DVD video preview copy before 16 May 2005at the very latest.
  • The entry form must be sent in at the same time as the preview tape, failure to do so will disqualify the work.
  • Entry implies full, unqualified acceptance of the rules of the competition by the candidate.
  • The entry form must be filled out clearly in order to facilitate the preparation of the Biennial of Moving Images catalogue. The author's biography and filmgraphy must be enclosed with the entry form.
  • For all tapes sent from abroad, please indicate net weight and value (CHF 15.- or € 10.- or USD 12.50.-). The organizer is free to refuse all shipments that do not conform to these recommendations.
  • Preview copies can be picked up during the Biennial of Moving Images. They will otherwise be destroyed by the organizer at the end of the event.

  • The selection process will take place in Geneva beginning 16 May 2005 under the auspices of the organizers. Selected entries will be kept until the end of the festival. The organizers are free to present some works, interesting but not fitting into the competition, in an off-competition program of the Biennial.
  • The list of works selected for the competition will be published on their website www.centreimage.ch/bim/ by 15 September 2005.

  • The authors of works selected for the competition or for an off-competition program agree to make available to the organizers for the full duration of the event a good screening copyof their film on 16mm or 35mm, or of their video preferably on Beta SP PAL, DV / DV-CAM or DVD video.
  • All works will be sent at the expense and sole risk of the candidates, who hereby discharge the organization from any liability whatsoever, including loss of or damage to the works when they are returned to the artists concerned
  • The authors of the works selected for the competition or for an off-competition program will be invited to the Biennial. This includes 3 nights in a hotel in Geneva as well as free admission to the Biennial (trip not included). Requests for accomodation in Geneva should be made immediately upon confirmation of selection by mid-September 2005.
  • The Jury shall be composed of internationally acclaimed personalities (critics, producers, organizers). The organization will act as the secretariat of the Jury. Prizes will be awarded on Saturday 19 November 2005.
  • The prizes : The Jury will award several prizes : 2 prizes worth CHF 2,500.- each (approx. € 1'550.-), 1 « point de vue » prize worth CHF 3,000.- (approx. € 1'800.-), 1 «Young creator » prize worth CHF 5,000.- (approx. € 3'100.-) and the city of Geneva « Grand Prix » prize worth CHF 15'000.- (approx. € 9'300.-). Each prize includes the acquisition of a Beta SP PAL or DV / DV-CAM copy of the work which will be included in the Centre for contemporary images video collection, with broadcasting rights limited to Saint-Gervais Geneva and to the occasion of the presentation of the 11th Biennial of Moving Images Prizes, excluding TV broadcasting. The prizes are awarded to the works and their directors.
Candidates must retain a copy of these rules. Candidates should return the completed entry form (which should bear the words « rules read and approved » above the signature) with a preview tape to :

11th Biennial of Moving Images
Centre for Contemporary Images
Saint-Gervais Genève, 5 rue du Temple, 1201 Geneva
Tel. (++ 41 22) 908 20 00
Fax (++ 41 22) 908 20 01

> Edit (15 May 2005):
Deadline has moved from 16 May to 30 May 2005
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