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Tools for the next revolution
  • la cura ubiquitous bodies
  • two worlds raspberry pi workshops
  • Drawing with Light
  • Koraly Dimitriadis creative writing workshops
  • Koraly Dimitriadis creative writing workshops
  • urban emptyness workshop

NeMe organises free workshops on the visual and digital languages geared towards public engagement in the arts.

Our workshops focus on the history, theory and practice of the moving and static image, sound, and the digital domain, and include lectures, seminars and hands on practice in such diverse subjects as the history and practice of art including painting, sculpture, mixed media works, web art, interactive art, photograms & shadowgraphs, the blockchain, video editing, video & still photography, photograms, solargrams, software usage, programming, creative writing, design, and architecture.

The workshops are conducted by NeMe members, guests and/or volunteers who have specialist knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Creativity is encouraged in a supportive environment and class sizes are kept small for individual attention aiming towards a multi-sensory and interdisciplinary experience for the participants.

So far, workshops have been conducted by: Helene Black, Ruth Catlow, Nico Carpentier, Yiannis Colakides, Koraly Dimitriadis, Yannos Economou, Marc Garrett, Salvatore Iaconesi, Mathias Jud, Ernie Larsen, Marc James L├ęger, Sherry Millner, Oriana Persico, Sheila Pinkel, Cayley Sorochan, Geert Vermeire, Christoph Wachter, and Iannis Zannos.

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