On 22-23 May, 2009 the fourth edition of Video Vortex will take place in Split, Croatia. It is organized by the Department of Film and Video at the Academy of Arts University of Split and Platforma 9.8, in collaboration with the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam. After previous Video Vortex events in Brussels, Amsterdam and Ankara, Video Vortex Split will focus on the moving image on the Web.

VV Split includes presentations by: Perry Bard, Nathalie Bookchin, Maarten Brinkerink, Vito Campanelli, David Clark, Dagan Cohen, Alejandro Duque, Albert Figurt, Stefan Heidenreich, Jasmina Kallay, Sarah K├ęssene, Lev Manovich (to be confirmed), Dalibor Martinis, Gabriel Menotti, Ana Peraica, Valentina Rao, Jan Simons, Amir Soltani, Antanas Stancius, Evelin Stermitz, David Teh, Vera Tollmann, Andreas Treske, Sasa Vojkovic, Paul Wiersbinski, Kuros Yalpani. Performances by: Cym and Emile Zile, and screened work by: Nathalie Bookchin, Cym, Lemeh42, Cornelius Onitsch, Ivana Runjic, and Shelly Silver.

The draft program is online at http://www.networkcultures.org/videovortex

We hope to see you in Split!