Technarte invites you to send your paper and be part of a unique Conference in its creative and innovative character.

If your career turns around the fusion between art and technology, if the merge between this two disciplines is one of your passions, don’t think about it anymore and send your paper before 13 November. Technarte will bring together in Bilbao, Spain, artists, experts of Centres of Technological Research and professionals of the art world in all its forms (researchers and developers of art centres, professionals of galleries and museums, universities, etc.), with which you can share your experiences and who will show you the most innovative artistic disciplines.

Technarte gives you the opportunity to present your artistic-technological project in a warm and relaxed Conference, where other proposals related to areas like augmented reality, bio-art, robotics and nanoart, among others, will be shown.

If the combination between art and technology is essential in your life, Technarte is your Conference. Send your paper before 13 November and be part of this fantastic event that will be held in Bilbao, Spain, on 15 and 16 April 2010.