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R! Exhibitions

Respublika!‘s rich program, included three exhibitions, documentation for which can be found here.


R! Screenings

Numerous videos were showcased at the Respublika! exhibitions, and their documentation can be found here.


About Respublika!

Respublika! has contributed to the discussions and reflections about participation and democracy, and how they are performed in contemporary Western societies. Respublika!‘s engagement has not been neutral, because it was driven by the idea of the necessity of deepening the democratic revolution, labelled by Chantal Mouffe (1988), or to democratise democracy, to use the words of Anthony Giddens (1994).


R! workshops

Documentation of the two workshops in the Respublika! project.


R! seminars

Documentation and videos of the seminars held in the Respublika project.


About the R! team

The people, institutions, and organisations behind the Respublika project.


R! Performances

Performances held under the Respublika! banner.


R! Festival programme

The complete programme of the Respublika! festival.

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