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The Event of a Thread. Global Narratives in Textiles

What information do textiles store? What stories can fabrics tell about their origin, their meaning, their use, their particular material and their immaterial claims? Under which economic conditions and social structures have patterns and formal languages developed over time? How do they change when transferred across cultures? How can artists expand our understanding of textiles? Which techniques do they appropriate, transpose and revive?


International Cyprus Poster Triennial 2019

The international Cyprus Poster Triennial (CPT) is a non-profit institution that aims to promote and disseminate knowledge and creativity in the field of graphic design by focusing on the poster as a major medium of visual communication. From the early printing of broadsides in the beginning of the 19th century to the present digital era, posters have been influential not only as vehicles that provide information but also as tools responsible for social change, developing awareness on crucial issues, dissemination of revolutionary or political ideas and propaganda.


Exit Strategy

EXIT STRATEGY locates a suite of projects that breach and exceed borders, staging conflicts of identity and value. These works, executed against a backdrop of globalisation and political conflict, achieve arbitrary resolutions that elaborate the arbitrary divisions from which they issue.


The State

“The State” is a theatre play by Alexander Manuiloff, without actors and without a director.

See you hear

Organised by the Cyprus University of Technology, Department of Communication and Internet Studies, this exhibition presented works by selected participants of the SMC2018.



Over the last ten years, Australian video artists have developed a refreshed attention to the sublime and the subliminal in their creative practice. While media and communication technology has offered a change in the way artists create, archive, show and access their work – from affordable, higher quality cameras, and easily accessible file storage to the instantaneous distribution from social and digital media platforms – the tools of image making may have advanced, yet the poetic and conceptual enquiry behind such image production has remained constant. ​*Sublime/Internal/Subliminal* brings together a cross selection of emerging and established artists who reflect this constant.

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