“IDEODROME” was conceived as an experiment on how video inter-crosses with the various forms of art and with the work of individual artists who use this platform as a tool of artistic expression.

The focus of the project is on the creation of short videos on a common subject, by artists who come from various backgrounds and disciplines and their presentation in various public spaces.

“IDEODROME” is particularly focusing on how video and the digital technology of image and sound is explored through narrative and non-narrative forms, on its power to express and communicate complex meanings and on the effects of the democratisation of the recording media technology through its widespread and multifunctional uses in our contemporary era.

“IDEODROME” is also interested on how video as a recording art interacts with the performance and representational arts, as well as with the public. It is a highly inter-disciplinary project in which artists from various disciplines such as film-making, visual arts, animation, poetry, dance and theatre, co-operate to explore the potentials of the medium within the framework of a given theme.

Limassol: people and streets

This video, presenting footage from the event is hosted by Vimeo on vimeo.com/18585541. By viewing it here, you accept Vimeo's privacy policy.


The theme of “IDEODROME 2006” was “Limassol: people and streets”. the event designed as a project closely related with the town that gave birth to it. Nine artists participated, producing six short videos which were presented at Thetro Ena and on a large screen at the end of the pier of the town on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December 2006 in continuously looping screenings between 5.00 and 11.00 p.m.


Yannis Yapanis, Nikos Synnos/Andros Zemenides, Yiannis Colakides, Giorgos Sisamos/Dinos Hadjidemetri, Helene Black/Natalie Demetriou and Adonis Florides.

The videos are produced by NeMe and are presented here in low resolution with the permission of the artists.

These videos, presenting works created by Yannis Yapanis, Nikos Synnos and Andros Zemenides, Yiannis Colakides, Giorgos Sisamos and Dinos Hadjidemetri, Helene Black and Natalie Demetriou, and Adonis Florides are hosted by Vimeo on vimeo.com/18585323, vimeo.com/18622666, vimeo.com/18585033, vimeo.com/18622939, vimeo.com/18707722, vimeo.com/18622575. By viewing them here, you accept Vimeo's privacy policy.



Project Organiser: Adonis Florides


The event is sponsored by The Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, The Co-operative Bank of Limassol and is supported by the Limassol Municipality.
Media Sponsor: KANALI 6