This is an invitation to submit work to the San Francisco Film Society for consideration to be included in the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival taking place April 20 ­ May 4, 2006. In specific, this call is for a program that will focus on a series of visual works made by and/or for wireless media devices and signals. Roughly this breaks down into three categories:

  1. Works made by mobile devices
  2. Works made to be specifically viewed on mobile devices.
  3. Works that use wireless signals a new aesthetic medium.

Submissions due: January 3, 2006
Final Decisions: February 17, 2006

Telephonic communication has always been a two-way street. You send messages, you receive messages. Now, a myriad of wireless communications devices also record and playback text messages, still images, sound and video. But the transmission principle is the same. These recordings are sent or received and cover distance. What¹s changed is the multi-use functions of telecommunications hardware. Mobile devices have become special tools for interacting with the mediated world. The question this program will explore is how do these mobile devices enable new methods of production, distribution and/or exhibition. We invite you to submit your work to help us form an answer.

The San Francisco International Film Festival will present a multi-varied program of 'mobiley' inspired work.

We especially encourage works that use mobile technologies, wireless signals, text or animation as new type of recording tool or medium, and/or articulate the difference and urgency of exhibiting on tiny, portable screens.

San Francisco Film Society
Presenter of the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival, April 20 - May 4, 2006
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Final film entry deadline, December 9, 2005
Final wireless media entry deadline, January 3, 2006