Fear – Curated screening

Curatorial project Stomper is currently looking for moving image, video works, animations, short films, and documentaries that explore notions of fear. Entitled “Whistling in the Dark” we are looking for innovative filmmakers and artists who explore the many guises that fear takes.

From the selected works, we will curate a screening for show in late 2010. Stomper’s mission is to explore the possibilities of new media, film and music, through widening their audiences, and therefore we are also offering the selected artists the opportunity for their works to widely distributed to galleries and other cultural institutions. Additionally, there is also the possibility of this screening touring elsewhere in the UK and with the expansion of Stomper to the US, screening in New York.

In approaching the topic of fear we are looking for artists and filmmakers who:

  • are innovative in their approach to the aesthetics of fear;
  • explore the fascination that our culture has in fear and being frightened;
  • have a psychoanalytical approach to the subject of fear or explore how psychiatry has attempted to rationalise and understand fear;
  • look at fear and its direct relation it has to our corporeal state and how an individual may actually feel fear;
  • have an understanding of fear as both a destructive and a preservative force to both the individual and the society in which that individual lives; or
  • approach fear from a position of the political, gender-based issues, or from a position of race.