Panel 3

Online at Thursday, January 19th, btw 16:00-17:00(GMT). Participants Nina Czegledy (Toronto), Andrej Tisma (Novi Sad), Tim Hailey (New York), Markus Graf (Kadikoy), Genco Gulan (Istanbul), Yiannis Colakides (Cyprus). Working title is: "To Archive or not to Archive".

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Panel 4

Onsite at Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum Tuesday, January 24/19:00/ 20:00 (Local Time) The Working Title is “New Art: What is Happening in Turkey?”. Confirmed participants are: Markus Graf (co-chair), Derya Yucel, Aysegul Sonmez, Evrim Altug, Genco Gulan(co-chair), Emre Baykal, Sylvia Erdem and Prof. Dr. Turan Aksoy. (Language will be Turkish, onsite translation to English will be available).

Panel 5

Online Avatar meeting. Begining of February.

Jeremy Turner (Vancouver), will announce us the exact timing of the panel. Working title is: “Virtual Real versus Real Virtual”.
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