Likeprevious years we are looking for new video art works and short films, media installations, live audiovisual performances, network based projects… In addition, we are very glad to receive proposals from curators and producers/distributors for the non-competitive special screenings. Entry forms are online and artists can easily provide their video previews directly by web form or they can send materials by regular post.


  • video | film
  • media installations | network and software projects | live av performances


  • Sphinx award – for the best video
  • Bogdanka Poznanovic award – for the best media installation, network or liveproject

About videomedeja

VIDEOMEDEJA festival is stricly dedicated to art, completely independent and non-profit annual event. The first festival was held in 1996. So far, 13 festivals have been realized, more than 3000 works made by artists all over the world were submitted for the programme. Renowned artists, prominent critics, theoreticians, producers, distributors and journalists from all over the world took part in the festival programme.

Festival focuses on narrative or abstract art projects which combine image and sound, communications and networks, from video art works, documentaries and short films, digital animations, media installations, url and network projects, objects, interactive and robotized objects, open source applications, audiovisual performances, mobile technologies, electronic music, advanced technologies in art practice…

Permanently obeying copyrights and being strictly determined for professional approach, videomedeja is well known festival on the international scene.

VIDEOMEDEJA will take plave on December 17 -19 2010, in Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad,Serbia