V International Festival of audio-visual arts Videologia

S.PORT/ The last Escape – Call for Submissions

The Festival is held in Volgograd (former Stalingrad) every year in autumn during five years. It is one of advanced and acknowledged international projects realized in the sphere of actual arts in Russia. The festival Videologia is developing and aspiring to become the straightforward forum of the actual trends of contemporary arts process.

The subject of the V International festival of audio-visual arts Videologia is S-PORT/ The last Escape.

Regulations of the V International Festival of Audio-visual arts VIDOLOGIA 2008

  1. Participation in the festival is free of charge.
  2. DVD and Mini DV formats are acceptable for selection program.
  3. Only works produced not earlier than January 1st 2006 are applicable.
  4. Duration of works should not exceed 30 minutes (exceptions may apply).
  5. The panel of coordinators of the festival will assemble the selection program that will be evaluated by jury and audience of VIDEOLOGIA 2008.
  6. The entry form should accompany the work sent to the festival (emails with attached files with entry forms are acceptable).
  7. Deadline for submissions is October 20th, 2008 (postmark).
  8. All deliveries from international participants should be marked: “no commercial value – for cultural purposes only”.
  9. All entrants will be notified by November 1st, 2008.
  10. The entry implies full acceptance of the regulations.