The 36th Bourges International Competitions 2009 is opened.
In the competition, you can particularly notice a new part “Electronic Arts” with 3 categories.

  1. new pratices of sound and music creation
  2. Performances
  3. Netart

An full english version is also available on the IMEB.

Thanks to diffuse information to everybody who can be interested.

For the artists they don’t know about the Bourges Competition, that’s the most important competition in electroacoustic music. It has been founded in 1973. It is devoted to composers coming from all levels, but also to sound artists, performers,… they practice different forms of sound arts. The registration is free. The selection is made anonymously (except the Magisterium). The jury is made with artists and personalities well-known in the esthetical fields related to the competition.
Several awards to notice in the rules.

For any question in add, please send an email to