[Out Of Focus!]

Videoholica International Video Art Festival in Varna, Bulgaria starts the new open call for video art submissions for its 6th edition.

The 6th Videoholica will take place between 1st and 5th August 2013 in Varna, Bulgaria.

The theme of Videoholica 2013 is [OUT OF FOCUS!].

The 6th Videoholica edition pleads defocusing.
Visually, Videoholica [OUT OF FOCUS!] pleads against the idling mainstream tendency “everything to be in focus” and against the luxurious advertising image, which is digitally improved and cleaned up from “mistakes”.
Creatively, Videoholica [OUT OF FOCUS!] pleads for a creative approach, which doesn’t follow the convenient slant of the tendencies. It is that approach, which uses allegorical language and speaks about things without pointing them out, describes them between the lines without “focusing” the camera directly in a point.
Politically, Videoholica [OUT OF FOCUS!] pleads those alternative views of the problems of today’s society, which are out of focus of the news, and which are not on the agenda of the political analysis of the global community.
Videoholica [OUT OF FOCUS!] pleads that outburst of “creative insanity”, after which the world is not the same any more.
[OUT OF FOCUS!] is both “blur” and “fog”, but it is also beyond this.

This year’s Videoholica festival will be composed of the following sections: video art, short films and animation.

Videoholica 2013 will again award the following prizes:

  • Second Prize – SILVER VIDEOHOLIC
  • Award for young Bulgarian author – YOUNG VIDEOHOLIC

The 6th Videoholica has a submission fee of €10.

Videoholica 2013 will accept both regular mail applications as well as online applications.

Videoholica 2013 OPEN CALL will run until 15th June 2013 and all applications are very welcome.

Videoholica 2013 Terms and Conditions & Application Form: www.Videoholica.org