Submissions for the 15th Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival are open. Promoted by SESC-SP and supported by the Prince Claus Fund, the Festival has been restructured for this edition, emphasizing the southern scene research and output even further.

Submitted art work will be selected for three exhibitions: "Contemporary investigations", "New vectors", and "Southern panoramas". "Contemporary investigations" will feature innovative research. "New vectors" will focus emerging individual artists or art collectives.

"Southern panoramas" will gather work that pushes the envelope in state-of-the-art southern artistic output. The jury will award one piece from each exhibition, plus special mentions.

Regulations and enrolment form are available on the festival's site, and the deadline for submission is April 15, 2005. Applications are accepted on-line, as well as by mail. Refer to the regulations below for further details.

Videobrasil welcomes works of electronic art produced since June 2003 by Portuguese-speaking artists and all those of origin in the countries of the so-called "southern circuit": Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe (Slovenia included!!), Middle East and Oceania.

Each participant may submit only 1 (one) piece of work to the selection. Art work in video cannot exceed 30 (thirty) minutes in duration. Institutional, promotional and advertising contents will not be accepted. Enrolment is free of charge.

For enrolment, work in video must be submitted only as VHS or DV (NTSC and/or PAL) tapes, which will not be returned. If selected, fresh tapes for screening will be requested, in the following formats: video (Beta SP, Mini-DV; PAL / NTSC) and DVD. In the case of multimedia work, the participant must specify the platform and the necessary configuration for viewing. In the case of Internet projects, it is indispensable to provide a detailed technical specification.

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