VII Moscow International Film Festival

<Attractions Park>

So, on for the unit of impact in art! Science knows ‘ions’, ‘electrons’, ‘neutrons’. Let be ‘attractions’ in art!
The technical term signifying assembling of machines, water-pipes, and lathes migrated to everyday language from industrial usage.
The beautiful word ‘montage’ signifies assembling.
If the word isn’t still fashionable it has all chances to become common. Well!
Let the combination of impact units in one whole receive this ambiguous semi-industrial, semi-music-hall signification blending together two words!
They are both from the heart of urbanization and these years we all were awfully urbanized. Like this the term "attractions montage" will come into being. (Sergey Eisenstein. How I became a film director)

Attraction (from the angle of theatre) is any aggressive theatrical moment, i.e. any element putting viewer to the mental or psychological impact, optically measured and mathematically calculated for the predefined emotional shock to the perceiver’s (Sergey Eisenstein. Attractions Montage)

A good art work get ready as a killing, it should be precise, perfect and privates’ To describe some of its aspects is almost a treachery because there is possibility that the one of art forms possessing the potentiality of destructive force and unexpectedness has been realized in the pasts’
(from the article of Dutch artist, participant of FLUXUS group, Wim T. Schippers)