Recognized internationally as a unique forum that encourages new insights and collaborations, Subtle Technologies challenges its participants to contemplate how art and science act upon one another and reshape perspectives.

Throughout four days of presentations, we cover a wide variety of subjects. It is the unexpected threads that are woven between the various presentations that make the Festival a unique experience.

The 11th Subtle Technologies Festival investigates light as our theme. Studied as long as recorded history, light continues to inspire and mystify us. Either visible or invisible, a particle or a wave, as nourishment, heat, and energy, molecules to complex organisms respond to and are affected by light. The speed of light defines our physics. It has held great spiritual significance for many cultures.

We invite submissions that focus on light as a tool, subject of inquiry, and source of inspiration for disciplines related to both the arts and sciences, including the visual, performance, moving image arts; architecture and design; the engineering and natural sciences; and historians, anthropologists, cultural theorists.

We are interested in looking at light that occurs in fabricated and natural systems having physical, chemical, and biological origins. Some possible topics we would like to explore in this year&8217;s festival include but are not limited to:

  • light in medicine
  • light in artforms
  • light’s relationship to astronomy
  • perception and psychological effects of light
  • circadian rhythm
  • light as a source of energy
  • physics of light
  • light in dance, theatre and performance
  • light as an architectural or urban planning element
  • light in biology
  • light’s relationship to spirituality
  • light as a communication medium
  • optics
  • light’s relationship to film, photography and video
  • light and the environment

We are currently seeking submissions for our symposium, exhibitions, poster session, and film and video evening.

Guidelines for Proposals:

  • We strongly urge those interested in submitting a proposal to acquaint themselves with our history of programming.
  • The festival is open to the public and presentations must be accessible to a non-specialized audience.
  • Each presentation must fill 45 minutes including a question and answer session.
  • We encourage demonstrations, and can accommodate / provide technical support for almost any type of presentation.

All presenters receive an honorarium and their festival registration fees are waived.