in situ – art • body • medicine

May 24th – May 27th 2007
University of Toronto, Toronto Canada

Subtle Technologies is a four-day multidisciplinary Festival exploring complex and subtle relationships between art and science. The annual international event combines symposia, exhibitions, workshops and performances that juxtapose cutting-edge artistic projects and scientific exploration.

For the 10th Annual Festival, Subtle Technologies invites practitioners of arts, sciences and medicines, and those who study their context, historians, ethicists, and other critical thinkers to contemplate how these disciplines can work together and reshape perspectives on the body.

As scientific and technological breakthroughs prominently occupy our culture, we ask where the boundaries are. We are interested in investigating how we relate bodies in situ: as parts, as a whole, as systems; how we identify, map, modify, protect, violate, and heal.

We invite a wide interpretation of bodies including the molecular, physical, cultural, economic, legal, political, energetic, electrical and spiritual.

A range of approaches are welcome, including interdisciplinary work, specialized presentation proposals that focus on a single topic in depth, and general discussions that draw upon multiple topics. We welcome a diversity of presentation formats, including those practitioners who may not emphasize the use of science and technology.

Proposals for the following will be considered:
workshops, performances, poster sessions, and symposium presentations.

How to Apply

Details are available on the online submissions form.

Examples of possible topics include:

  • Racial and Personalized Medicine
  • Tele-Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticalized Body
  • Organ Trafficking
  • Inter- Species Communications
  • History of Medicine
  • Reproductive Technologies
  • Addictions and Obsessions
  • Sexual / Gendered Body
  • Body Machine Interfaces and Sensors
  • Violated Body
  • Embryoid Bodies and Stem Cells
  • Infectious Agents and Diseases
  • Local or Traditional Healing Practices
  • New Therapeutic Paradigms
  • Population Dynamics and the Environment
  • Spiritual Body
  • Extropian and Post Human Investigations
  • Body and Performance, Body and Rituals
  • Bioethics
  • Trangenic Bodies and Tissue Engineering
  • Genomics Proteomics Metablomics and other -omics

Subtle Technologies is hosted by the University of Toronto, and supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council. Toronto Arts Council, Canadian Heritage.