The International Festival of New Film

The international festival of new film will take place from 13th to 20th of September 2008. All submissions must include a VHS (PAL, NTSC) preview tape or CD-ROM, DVD as applicable accompanied by an entry form completed in Croatian or English along with the supporting documentation.

All work must have been completed after 1st of January 2007. The deadline for entries is 1st of June 2008. Screening copies must reach split by 1st of September 2008.

All preview entries should be mailed as small packet, and must be clearly labeled for custom purposes as follows: video cassette, no commercial value, cultural exchange only, preview tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs & documents will not be returned.

There is no limit to the duration of films or videos, selection panel will select work for competition, international juries will award prizes.

Producers/distributors/artists of the entries selected for screening will be notified promptly after selection of procedures for transporting screening copies.

The festival will make all reasonable effort to present work in the best possible conditions. Transport of the copies is at the risk of sender.

The screening copies will be returned after 15 days, the cost of one way shipment will, as a rule, be paid by the festival.

Unless specific written notice is given to the contrary, the festival reserves the right to print any accompanying information and still photographs for promotional reasons or in festival catalogue.

P.O. Box. 244
21000 Split
phone: +385 21 539 600
fax: +385 21 539 700