This is an invitation to participate on the open Call for Works: CONTROL ACOUSTICS
Zèpellin2005 – Sound Art Festival this year focuses on sound documents related to the situations where social control is applied through the sound.
Sound is a symptom of almost every event that takes place in a space. Amongst all these events there are many human actions that are intended to apply social control and frequently the sound itself is the fundamental transmitter / communicator of this control. The alarms, the telephones, the car horns, the beep sound on the bulldozers, radio and television devices, all of them inflict social control.

But these are not the only kinds of sounds that inflict and generate acoustic violence. Any intense noise can, but also music and the sounds of the neighborhood that percolate through acoustic bridges or directly through the open windows. The constant rumble of the city also applies social control, conditioning many people’s sleep, the bells, the police whistles, and, in some places even the trumpets and the snare drums of military barracks near by. In very extreme but not uncommon cases the acoustic violence and social control are inflicted by bomb explosions and firearm shots.

Zeppelin encourages this year all the musicians, artists, and all the people implicated or interested in sound creation from all over the world to make electronic or electroacoustic sound pieces, specially conceived for playback on speakers and focused on the presence of the sound in the exercise of control over the human societies

The pieces can be conceived for, at least, one of the three categories, determined by three different audio devices, explained and detailed on this website: