Artist working in all art forms are invited to respond to this year’s theme: Batteries Not Included: Mind as Machine?

The 6th Shrewsbury Open will be taking place between 14 July and 2 September 2007 and will once again be linking its theme to the annual ‘Darwin Summer Symposium’ which this year will be exploring Artificial Intelligence or a-life.

“From the pioneering work of artists such as Edward Ihnatowicz in the 1970s to today’s evolutionary robotics and generative artworks, the field promises autonomous intelligence that will be capable of existing in hostile and alien environments and learning as they go” Paul Brown, artist and writer, Chair of the Judges

Whilst the Darwin Summer Symposium provides a context for the selection of the exhibition, the theme is intended to provoke a wide range of responses from artists who may choose to interpret this theme is many different ways.

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Artists awards and prizes include £3000 first prize, £1000 prize, £500 People’s Choice prize and a new £500 Bang & Olufsen of Shrewsbury prize.

Judging panel chaired by Paul Brown, artist and writer, visiting professor University of Sussex, artist Shirley Chubb, Meroe Candy Arts Project Manager at the Wellcome Trust and Catherine Mason, art historian and researcher into the early development of the computational arts in the UK.

For further information about the Darwin Summer Symposium see: