(Second Life)vRace is an exhibition about race and it’s intersection with virtual environments

The idea of race has evolved over time. It is not just about color, it is about who we are. How is race of the puppeteer relevant to the avatar? Where are all the people in Second Life? It seems that we travel in a bubble of similarity.

Some struggle to keep a distinction between their identity and their avatar, but is even that possible? Can you separate your gender, race and culture from your online persona? The avatar is nothing but a shell waiting to be filled by personality, thoughts and actions.

Do we gravitate to people of the same cultural background in virtual environments?

Ars Virtua is looking for work that challenge our ideas, exemplifies our ideals, exposes our struggles and represents our racial identity within virtual spaces.

Specifically we are looking for images, low prim objects (including scripted ones), short video, and performance that combines race and virtual worlds. Objects and images will be shown within the Second Life environment and need to be “ready” for that space.

This low prim show will be in the mainland community of Chilbo, and curated by a guest curator Indea Vaher.

Please send inquiries to gallery@arsvirtua.com or contact Rubaiyat Shatner or Aliah Nakajima in world.

Deadline for letter of interest is April 20, work to be delivered by April 27.

Show will open in the beginning of May.