Nostalgia runs deep in the network.

The clean lines and coded purity of interface culture and consumer electronics belies a deeper yearning for the origins of new media. 8 Bit games, glitch art, stop motion video, audio distortions and retro stylings are cropping up throughout the networked landscape as artists unpack, smudge, melt, data-mosh and retrace their steps back to the early halcyon days of digital media. Tactile, fluid, fuzzy analogue aesthetics are emerging in surprising places as the origins of our streamlined relationship with technology and the world around us is interrogated, encoded and telegraphed into our livings rooms, browsers and pockets.

Jaron Lanier in his text, You Are Not A Gadget, calls for a more humanist approach to the way we participate in network culture and insists we must seek always to preserve our individuality in such exchanges. Retro leanings and nostalgic turns speak to this desire. It reveals the human in the electronic interface. It celebrates the mistake, the error, the uniqueness and the beauty of the digital aesthetic at a critical time in the evolution of media arts practice.

The 2011 Screengrab New Media Arts Award and associated exhibition is looking for challenging creative works by media artists who have a yearning for the past and seek to examine the future. We invite these digital practitioners working in screen based media to submit works on the theme of the Nostalgia.

All forms of screen based media are encouraged including multi-channel video, digital illustration, audio sculpture, photography, generative media, 2D & 3D animation.