The Schwules Museum (Gay Museum) in Berlin presents a film and video screening.

How does one colorize the black and white stories of the past? In what ways can we make history seem more relevant, more interesting, and perhaps even sexier? What are the stories of individuals with self-confidence and persistence that are very timely and applicable even today? How can we make history compete with the loud and colourful sex-appeal of the images in our present-day culture?

The Schwules Museum (Gay Museum) in Berlin is looking for short films and videos to screen during the next =91Long Museum Night Between War and Peace' on August 27, 2005. At the same time the museum will be presenting two exhibitions:
• Homage to Thomas Mann,
• Self-awareness and Persistence: 200 years of gay history.
The Museum is assembling a selection of artist-submitted works that preferably deal with the same themes as those present in our exhibitions.

Acceptable formats: DVD (PAL and NTSC), miniDV, and VHS (PAL only).
Duration of videos: Up to 30 minutes (longer videos will be considered).

Mail your entries to:
Film + Video, Tsvika Solan
c/o Schwules Museum Berlin
Mehringdamm 61
10961 Berlin