Call for Entries

Any person or organization can submit one or several proposals to the programming team of the festival. The call for entry is open to film, video and multimedia cycles, without any restriction of length or genre. All submissions are free, without any limitation of geographic origins.

Proposals should be sent by mail, with a printed ENTRY FORM to fill in online (one entry form per proposal).

For schools, distributors, and production companies: those organizations (ONLY schools, distributors, and production companies) that would like to submit MORE THAN 10 PROPOSALS do not have obligatory to fill in the online entry form.

Film and video cycle – All film and video formats

  • Video / video art / experimental video
  • Fiction, exp.fiction / short, medium and full length
  • Documentary
  • Experimental film
  • Animation

Multimedia cycle

  • Installation
  • Online work, net art
  • Performance, concert


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