This year MARTa Museum in Herford, Germany are organizing the fourth RecyclingDesignprize competition:

The award ceremony will take place on October the 15th , 2010, at MARTa Museum, Herford.

The award is endowed with a prize money of €2,500.

The exhibition will present the winners and further selected works until November the 7th at MARTa Herford. Further exhibits of selected works will follow at stilwerk Designcenters, Museum for Design, Gent, and other locations.

The aim of the designprize

Via the use of “littered things” (from industry, handicraft), garbage, “residual material”, useless things shall become usable. The developed products shall be displayed for sale in institutions of employment promotion and generating so a social usability. The production of “clever”, “beautiful” and “useful” objects which award a prize conduce the environment and are a contribution for employment promotion.