Punto y Raya Festival explores the ultimate synthesis of the form·movement duality in different spheres of human endeavour. Due to the simplicity of its criteria, it seeks to reveal the limitations and achievements of our representation systems using abstraction’s prime matter.

This entry call is addressed to audiovisual pieces built up entirely from dots and lines. No representation whatsoever, just dots and lines as ends in themselves!


  • The films must be made entirely with dots and lines avoiding representation.
  • You can use any kind of illustration, optic and animation techniques. From the pen to the stylus, from the analogical·dot to the digital·pixel.
  • The soundtrack cannot feature any words. If you’re using a song, this must be completely instrumental or feature non·narrative voices [that is, no lyrics!].
  • Running time shall not exceed 9 minutes.
  • Each author can enter as many pieces as he/she wants, but we’ll select three at most.
  • We strongly advise you to enter your film/s in HD (high-definition), because we’ll screen all the selected pieces in high-def.
  • It doesn’t matter its original format or production date, any short·film that complies with the requirements above mentioned may be selected.

If you have any doubts, please check out our FAQ page before contacting us… it’ll be much appreciated .